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Why does China Daily advertise in the WSJ?

It is known that China maintains tight control of its media. Censorship has become so extreme even corporations such as Google have refrained from doing business in China. Now it appears that China is trying to influence Westerners views of the country by running China Daily ads in the WSJ.

(See photo of wsj article here: http://www.outsider-trading.com/the-chinese-propaganda-machine/)

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    Aug 12 2012: Keith Rupert Murdoch has a great relationship with China's political elites; he also owns WSJ. I believe there is a documentary on Netflix that gives great insight on Rupert Murdoch and his ties with China.

    Go Vikings!
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    Aug 11 2012: For a few weeks China Daily itself has been inserted in my local paper also, I notice.
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    Aug 11 2012: Public relations 101