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If you have the ability to free people, do you have a duty to do so?

I would say that if country A has the ability to free country B of an oppressive leader etc etc then you have a duty to do so.
For this reason, by principle I think it's just that countries from the western world can support rebel groups or even contemplate their own offensive.
If you momentarily postpone considering consequences and potential civilian losses is it right to you on principle?
Do we in western world have the ability to know that certain sets of morals are better than others? I think the answer to this is yes.
Not to say that ours is the best, but certainly better than some alternatives.
Also, as I do think this, I also predict a war on Sharia Law,
What are your thoughts?


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    Aug 11 2012: You have to remember that in the 1980's the USA supported the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. And look where that eventually lead.

    I would love to see a world where every person in every nation is free. But it isn't as simple as supporting rebel causes. Rebel groups can often be just as bad or worse than the current government (think the Taliban, the leftest groups in South America countries) so outing oppressive regime A may just leave a vacuum for repressive regime B.

    As far as western countries taking military action to remove repressive regimes, look where it lead to in Iraq. While Sadam was a monster, it's hard to say what direction the country is going in now and it created a power vacuum in the region that Iran and its repressive regime is comfortably stepping into.

    Sorry Stewart. No easy answers. No black or while. Only grey and more questions.

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