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What's Terrorism? who is the terror? ما هو الإرهاب؟ ومن هو الإرهابي؟

What's Terrorism? ما هو الإرهاب؟
Who is the terror? من هو الإرهابي؟
How can we be just on determining who is terror and how is not?
كيف يمكننا بكل عدالة وحياد تحديد من هو الإرهابي؟
Why someone turns to Terror?
لماذا يصبح البعض إرهابيون؟
When shall nations go for a transparent treaty to end the real causes of
Terrorism , such as poverty, dictatorship, etc....?
متى تتواضع الدول على إتفاقية شفافة ومنصفة لإنهاء الأسباب الحقيقية للإرهاب، مثل الفقر والديكتاتوريات ، والخ...؟


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  • Jul 12 2011: Sometimes it are those who have no other option, they don't know how to do good because they have never seen the right. It is the location and the surrounding that have influence on whether a person wants to do bad things or not. And of course, friends and family have a Great influence on their lives. But too many people make advantage of the word ; Terrorism. Presidents, terrorists and even the police. Now these days you could arrest a person because of the ; ' War on Terror ' as we have all seen for example on Guantanamo Bay. I don't say that they are all wrong. But everybody has its own reason / interests to do or say something. But this terrorism is not binging any good, it is unacceptable and unfortunately , hundreds of people were killed because of this. But not everybody wants peace.. Unfortunately.

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