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Can China really become a super power, or will it remain a great power among other great powers?

We have read numerous articles and statistics that indicate the rising power that is China. As an emerging economy among the BRICs, China is seen as a leader in the pack and with the number two economy, well placed to replace the US as a world hegemon.

I however wonder how much of a super power if any China can be? John Inkberry has written about the western liberal order and how it has penetrated every inch of our societies and culture. As a result many have found themselves having to preserve their cultures because the western liberal culture is very strong. Inkberry argues that China will have to find it`s influence within this set up, because it will be very hard to alter it (the western liberal order).

Is this the case? Can China become a super power in the current global order or will it have to dispose of it and come up with a different type of order or will it simply become part of the order and influence global events among other powers?

What does the future of China look like in the present western liberal order?


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    Aug 12 2012: There is no Anarchy in China. If there was then why worry?
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      Aug 14 2012: Here is a relevant TED talk to support your contentions:

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        Aug 14 2012: I have been reading what some people say here. Some are very good positions and some are still learning as well as I.

        When I look at world I see many countries and a few countries in terms of population
        are extremely large.

        Economically speaking those countries with the highest populations China #1 means that China has approx. 1 1/5 billion people (a large portion of them create "productivity").

        So the reason China will become a #1 power "one day" is basically because of their "people power".

        People = Productivity. That means, economics and guess what? Economics determines politics and power. So in my view why worry. Although everything is relative, life on our wonderful earth takes it's natural course.

        Everyone have a Great day! Karl at TalkFusionAutoWebinar.com Signing off.

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