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Will whites ever see blacks as superior or any aspect of blacks being superior to them

Having lived in the US for a couple of years, i learnt very interesting facts that still bother me, and a conversation on this will shed some light. From my understanding, research and the attitude of many white people is that they are superior to all races but especially black. It`s almost saying the smartest black person can`t compare to the most stupid white. Am not racist, i just want to understand if this is a misconception or if these superiority thoughts do indeed exist.

I ask this because i believe racism is still rampant especially in the US that has camouflaged itself with being liberal. I`d like to read on people`s experiences and what they think about the topic . far fetched or it`s just the way the world works?


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    Aug 13 2012: Lillian Madam, Racism is deep rooted social evil everywhere.This is still being propagated in new forms using new technology. This can not be eliminated at least in this century. The Indian minority is being targeted in England during riots.Only the white does it that's not true it is the people living in deffrent regions and many social, economic and political leads to people of majority or people with money does it even today to show supremacy.Even he uplifted ones also does the same after being elevated to higher economic, social,political strata.

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