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Do we know what the ratio of leaders to followers are?

Not everyone is a leader or a follower in life so my question is: If 100 people were put on a desert island and nurtured and loved. If they were equally taught leadership skills what percentage would step up to the plate and actually become leaders?


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    Aug 20 2012: Depends on the type of people. If you had 100 congressmen there would be 100 leaders and nothing would get done.
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      Aug 20 2012: Would you get 100 leaders or 50 good leaders and 50 good lobbyers?
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        Aug 20 2012: Well in my opinion you would get 0 good leaders and 100 ineffective lobbyist. They would all perceive themselves as leaders and their agenda as a priority granted to them by their constituents by virtue of having been elected. So they would not be able to work together because each of them perceives themselves as being right and representing their constituents. They would attempt to lead their colleagues which of course have their own agendas.

        It is kinda like that now if you consider the US Senate a desert island...

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