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Shall we end racism and discrimination for real.

Peace ... what a nice word and i really like it but the problem of that great word is "It's a Platoninc word and never has been on the earth".
I really take hours and hours(waste of time) thinking of how can we proove that ther is a real peace and at the end i just close the file(stop wasting time) with no positif ideas about "Peace"
when powerful country point to africans they just say"Third World" and i feel bad when i hear this word ... A small word to all the world "an African young man telling all the world : Please end RACISM and DISCRIMINATION for real ; then let's talk about something you call it peace and then we all of us (third world country and you powerful country) could draw a new map of peace.


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    Mar 24 2011: When i was thinking of racism and discrimination and whatever people are suufring from i directly refered that we must be free from that disease and the only way to apply that is we have to be 1 at everything and i know it will be hard to distinguish all people as one whatever their ethnicity, country, social levels, economical levels, religion, political views etc

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