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Shall we end racism and discrimination for real.

Peace ... what a nice word and i really like it but the problem of that great word is "It's a Platoninc word and never has been on the earth".
I really take hours and hours(waste of time) thinking of how can we proove that ther is a real peace and at the end i just close the file(stop wasting time) with no positif ideas about "Peace"
when powerful country point to africans they just say"Third World" and i feel bad when i hear this word ... A small word to all the world "an African young man telling all the world : Please end RACISM and DISCRIMINATION for real ; then let's talk about something you call it peace and then we all of us (third world country and you powerful country) could draw a new map of peace.


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    Mar 21 2011: people out the USA, canada and europe should refused to be called third world and or developing nations, when in fact we're not , or i should say its the reverse. take, self-elcet world super-power USA they make nothing, those things that have on made in USA was made some where else. more often than not, the citizens in these so-called third world countries and the are the ones that were explicted to make these products. they were payed little and nothing, future their countries fail to progress while the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Just like all the talk about the new termology 'Globalisation' : globalisation begain since 1515 in the West African and the Caribbean, it was the sweat and back-breaking labour that these nationscan pass their place calling the rest of the world: third world and developing; wen in fact its now they're developing and still on the backs of other races. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade have been abloished over 175 yrs get, nothing has change. Racism seems to occure in all facets on 21st century life, its a plague that minority groups use to control the majority. thus, i am calling for a revolution against the term: third-world or developing nations; we must stand up and be counted. there isnt athing that is in those so-called first-world countries that are in other countries: vagrancy is every where. mankind should be made to realised that we all breath air, eat and drink and them we died which definitely makes every man in spite of race, creed, nationaity and social status EQUAL and should be treated as such.

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