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Shall we end racism and discrimination for real.

Peace ... what a nice word and i really like it but the problem of that great word is "It's a Platoninc word and never has been on the earth".
I really take hours and hours(waste of time) thinking of how can we proove that ther is a real peace and at the end i just close the file(stop wasting time) with no positif ideas about "Peace"
when powerful country point to africans they just say"Third World" and i feel bad when i hear this word ... A small word to all the world "an African young man telling all the world : Please end RACISM and DISCRIMINATION for real ; then let's talk about something you call it peace and then we all of us (third world country and you powerful country) could draw a new map of peace.

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    Mar 29 2011: Racism in its innocent terms, is nothing but 'we/them' divide ... which takes up an insensitive/insensible proportions ... in any country ... Be it castes/religious disparity in India or the Sunni/Shia divides in the middle east or the black/white or the natives/immigrants in Europe or the immigrants/natives divide in the Anglo-saxon countries, men/women divide universally, this is a common phenomenon ... Even animals fight for their territories looking at a foreign animal as a 'threat' ... So, the underlying basis is fear ...

    Unless, we learn to acknowledge fear in its multiple forms, we can do nothing about racism ... or for that matter, any divides ... So, the best thing is help people establish the new norms of 'trust', 'cooperation', 'care' ... anything that bridges people and thereby communities ... This has to be done silently and diligently ... No amount of sanctioning is going to help because norm behavior is maintained superficially ... but with love and care, any effort becomes personalized ... We just need such carekeepers ...
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      Mar 29 2011: A beautiful perspective Deepa. Thanks.
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    Mar 19 2011: That would be the greates step for human race.
  • Apr 14 2011: Unfortunately, I think racism and other similar prejudices are here to stay for a while. Did anyone see the York University study in 2009 ( http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/01/090108144747.htm ). Though people may think they harbor no racist tendencies, the reality is that they are so deeply ingrained, we ourselves are not aware of it. A similar demonstration was presented in CNN in one of their Black in America series where very young children consistently picked out persons of colour as being dumb, not nice etc etc. These results are consistent with many other studies. Bottom line is we think that we hold virtuous values but there are other overriding factors. How many of us would have a negative reaction if our son/daughter/sister etc walked through the door with a member of a minority group and say "we are getting married" . To rise above these issues, we need to rise above physical value system and that requires some seriously elevated thinking.

    Ahmed, do you think the problems of Africa are related to racism. I understand the vestiges of colonialism still course though varoius countries but what are the issues of today?
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    Apr 13 2011: Racism and discrimination still exists but now ppl have awaremess tht it is criminal.Firstly the third world countries,like i am a Pakistani,we ourselves need not to think low of ourselves and we need to change our psychology.We give room to others to commit this vice.its the change we need to bring in ourselves.if we wont take ourselves serious thn no one would.its our abilities and character tht shd make us respectable not our colour.LOVE ALL!
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    Mar 24 2011: When i was thinking of racism and discrimination and whatever people are suufring from i directly refered that we must be free from that disease and the only way to apply that is we have to be 1 at everything and i know it will be hard to distinguish all people as one whatever their ethnicity, country, social levels, economical levels, religion, political views etc
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    Mar 23 2011: As long as we distinguish groups of people by ethnicity, country, social levels, economical levels, religion, political views etc we will not be free of racism and discrimination.
    We only will free ourselves from it once we are 1 people.
  • Mar 23 2011: we can only end racisom through education and compation, we fear what we dont understand,and take, a its ok if its not me attitude..
    I beleve in god, but not religon, it has become commercialised, and corupted..how can anyone justify hurting another in the name of some one , or some thing , for any reason .
    as to my anseters I feel we should all actknowledge the wrongs which were commited to any other soul;;
    So if this helps fight racisom I would like to appoligise to all of you no matter what race or religon you are,on behalf of my white ansestors for any and all wrongs they have commited against you thank you,,remember its not the human race,,but humanity which is importand
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    Mar 21 2011: Racism is a badge of ignorance and a ridiculouse mindset given that we are one race originating from the same place.

    Having said that, I have alwayse told my children to pick their friends like they pick their fruit. We need to discriminate, however, I believe the focus should be on the content of character less the packaging.

    Where the content is found wanting or problematic efforts for improvement should be encouraged in a supportive manner.

    When we all finally accept the fact that we are accounable to therefor responsible for one another then perhaps we will have the peace we are all looking for.
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    Mar 21 2011: people out the USA, canada and europe should refused to be called third world and or developing nations, when in fact we're not , or i should say its the reverse. take, self-elcet world super-power USA they make nothing, those things that have on made in USA was made some where else. more often than not, the citizens in these so-called third world countries and the are the ones that were explicted to make these products. they were payed little and nothing, future their countries fail to progress while the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Just like all the talk about the new termology 'Globalisation' : globalisation begain since 1515 in the West African and the Caribbean, it was the sweat and back-breaking labour that these nationscan pass their place calling the rest of the world: third world and developing; wen in fact its now they're developing and still on the backs of other races. The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade have been abloished over 175 yrs get, nothing has change. Racism seems to occure in all facets on 21st century life, its a plague that minority groups use to control the majority. thus, i am calling for a revolution against the term: third-world or developing nations; we must stand up and be counted. there isnt athing that is in those so-called first-world countries that are in other countries: vagrancy is every where. mankind should be made to realised that we all breath air, eat and drink and them we died which definitely makes every man in spite of race, creed, nationaity and social status EQUAL and should be treated as such.
  • Mar 19 2011: My belief...we end racism one heart at a time. It happens when one person looks into their own hear/mind and opens to the possibility that someone else is just like they are. They are just as valid, just as valuable, just as worthy. Their heart is as evil and capable of evil as mine and in their heart is the capacity for love, just like mine. Many, many more things make us the same than make us different.