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What is "thinking"? How "thinking" can be explained simply?

What is "thinking process" ?
how thinking works?
What basic logic is involved in "thinking" ?
Can "How to think" be learned?
What is "think differently" ?

  • Aug 10 2012: Great idea!! Wow, now we are thinking..

    There is a book about the human mind and, of course, it deals extensively with thought and thinking. But there is so much beyond our thought, and mind, that it simply does need a book to explain it.
    Thinking is a spiritual activity and since the mind has different levels (just like the Ark) this enables us to, from a higher level, observe the thoughts on a lower level and have a 'discussion' with ourselves and also meditate.

    And then there is rational thought. We can (when healthy) think anything we want. Then, by exercising our freewill, we can decide what to do (or say) or what not to do. In fact that is the trait that make us human.
    Just because some birds can talk, that obviously does not make them human.

    What do you think?
  • Aug 16 2012: What is "thinking process" ? Don't know
    how thinking works? Don't know
    What basic logic is involved in "thinking" ? There are books and courses on logic.
    Can "How to think" be learned? You learned it.
    What is "think differently" ? Different than most people think. For example,
    People who understand dogs know that dogs often train people.
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      Aug 16 2012: "Thinking" is activity of mind. It works on affirmations and confirmations of comprehensions, observations, conclusions of the quests and searches of life for learning, earning and problem solving.

      I agree with you about thinking differently. It is mindful work out by "own" perception and understanding, though universal concepts and facts probably be common just as they are, however use of knowledge can be different, which create or brings "new" and "unique" ideas.

      Thanks for your sincere contribution and appreciation.
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    Aug 10 2012: It is an effort to resolve problems regarding survival.
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    Aug 10 2012: I guess that I believe that thinking is the process between sensory input and one's own opinion.
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    Aug 10 2012: All right .......!

    What is "thinking"?

    It is process of sensing inner-self.
    It is super cognitive process of "supper conscious" mind.
    The process is very fast to ordinary conscious mind.
    There are many contributors of this cognitive process, such as:
    Senses, Emotions, Observation, Calculation, Imagination, Creation, Intelligence, Memory, Interests, Satisfactions, Decisions...
    • Aug 10 2012: Basically, thinking is the spiritual equivalent of our physical seeing with our eyes. Just as we can interpret what we see, so we can interpret what we think. The thoughts that come up may surprise us just as much as the things we may rest our eyes on.
      "Oh I see" means more than just what we actually see with our two eyes. With our eyes we need certain things to see, light, perspective and understanding, among numerous other things. That's why, e.g. we use a dime in a picture to show size.

      Also, why is it that men and women 'see' things differently?? Because our minds are different, see below.

      This booklet is about the relationship of the mind (or soul) and the body.

      And this article is about the difference between male and female minds.

      Why is it that science can tell THAT we think but not WHAT we think? Because the two are worlds apart.
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        Aug 16 2012: I agree and appreciate your comments.
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    Aug 10 2012: "I think, therefore I am"

    that's as simple as it gets for me... but it's still pretty complex to me
  • Aug 10 2012: To me thinking differently is

    Trying things never done before. Exploring things where no one has been there before. Never seen before. Imagining a place where it is impossible to go to. To See it from all different views. To do it to change the world.
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    Aug 9 2012: Sometimes the professionals and the scientists must defer to the artists when our understanding is less than perfect|

    Here are Tracy Chapman's thought on the matter of thinking: