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If we want our kids to direct their education & be creative, why then do our schools fail them when they don't meet our expectations?

If we observe our schools has standard which are made by our teacher, our leaders, and etc but not our students. We seldom asked them what interest them. Yet, we fail them if they pursue their interest and not our expectations.


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    Aug 10 2012: Kids have new and fresh minds just like latest brand new highly configured cpu with maximum storing capacity, means a lot of learning and understanding, creative and memorizing capacity.

    Schools have their own set educational program, run by the teachers who work in the schools just as they are trained and as they are bound to deliver the curriculum, rules and activities as given schedules. Schools and its teacher copy their programs to fresh minds just as already known good methods.

    Fresh minds have their own positive emotions, interest and tendency to learn from what is the latest technology, science, logic and ways of creativity. But regardless what they want to learn, they are forced to follow and copy just as told to them. So, school and teacher both appreciate what fresh minds successfully copy their programs. Besides that, they don't appreciate and discourage kids or students as failed to meet their expectation.

    As education and teacher societies, we don't know or we don't learn how the fresh minds can be more capable to become more successful than us, learn and create more than what is already done, even more better than past.

    This become a default situation. Educational societies have to reform and research to advance their programs to cope with new fresh minds for bigger success.

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