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What are the negative and positive effects of shows such as Two and Half Men and Friends?

Many new shows have either direct or indirect references to sexuality that are lewd at best. Furthermore, social interaction is treated with kid gloves i.e. very unrealistic.

Does this lead to bad behavior? Does this lead to unrealistic expectations regarding life? Does this lead to social issues?


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    Aug 10 2012: Henry Maldonado,
    I tried to reply your comment directly but the reply button says no.

    In answer to your question, it is not possible for a show to force people to live up to a certain standard. It is however possible for the shows to influence people to live up to a certain standard. A lot still depends on individual choices.

    It is such a big and diverse world, and sometimes we underestimate the diversity. As a writer I'll tell you that a story depends on what part of the human experience a writer chooses to focus on.

    A writer can write a story about a monk who lives a 'clean' and 'decent' life; or about the son of an African dictator who parties daily like a rock star; or about Rhino poachers operating near the Kruger Park in South Africa; or about a restaurant in Ondo State of Nigeria, that sells dog meat delicacies; or about twin sisters who are prostitutes...............

    My point is: most stories shown on Tv, are closer to the experiences of someone somewhere in the world.
    The dog meat restaurant(in my list of examples) may not appeal to the US audience and the characters may seem evil or be percieved as bad influences; the director of the story of the twin prostitutes may decide to show certain details that are not decent to the general public; but sometimes real stories are not decent and clean.

    Certain details of a story may need to be shown because they are thought to be entertaining or interesting.

    So, it depends on the story; and who or what the story is about; the target audience; and the narrative structure that would be engaging to the target audience.
    • Aug 10 2012: Thank you, I prefer this answer. I wonder about other issues with television. However, this is a great answer. Thank you for taking my question seriously.

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