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What are the negative and positive effects of shows such as Two and Half Men and Friends?

Many new shows have either direct or indirect references to sexuality that are lewd at best. Furthermore, social interaction is treated with kid gloves i.e. very unrealistic.

Does this lead to bad behavior? Does this lead to unrealistic expectations regarding life? Does this lead to social issues?


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    Aug 9 2012: Producers of TV shows usually lean towards the tastes and demands of the audience; so, sometimes the shows are a reflection of the societal state. And sometimes the creators of such shows intend to achieve something sinister, like a manufacturer who adds an addictive substance to a food product.
    TV, film and music could have negative and positive influences.

    Unfortunately, one of the dangers of freedom of speech is that even hate speech, foolishness,decietful words of a con-man, and all sorts of lewd words has to be endured.

    In the end, the individual has a choice. We can not blame the media for all our bad behaviour and wrong choices.
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      Aug 9 2012: agreed! Took the words right out of my mouth.
    • Aug 10 2012: I agree with this but can you or someone else elaborate? I know these shows reflect social attitudes, but do they also contribute to them? Especially for those most impressionable.

      I am not concerned with freedom of speech; I'm not arguing for against their showing. Instead, I am arguing whether it is wise to watch in the first place. Do they create fantastic representations regarding life? Do they force people to live up to a standard that is just not healthy?

      What are the positive and negative effects of these shows?
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        Aug 10 2012: Have you had a chance to do any research via any internet search engine on this question? The issue of how television content (programs and advertisements) influences young people has been dscussed and studied by researchers over most of the decades that television has existed.

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