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How is the world going to be different because of you?

When your time is closing in and you look back at your life, what will your greatest accomplishment be? How will you have impacted our world? Will your life, at its completion, be viewed in a positive way or in a negative way? My challenge to you is to change the world and change it for the better. List what you will do so we can all discuss what we can do as individuals and as part of a team to make this a better place.


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    Aug 9 2012: The world changed the minute I came into it and it didn't.

    There is a sudden expectation that each of us can and should "change the world". I'm not sure why. Maybe because the internet has filled a lot of heads with grandiose ideas and ideals.

    I feel sorry for kids these days. When I was at school, all we had to worry about was passing School Certificate. Now we seem to expect kids to all solve the world's problems or somehow prevent the meltdown we all suspect may be around the corner.

    Let them play knuckle-bones and dolls for a bit longer..
    • Aug 9 2012: I think it is sad that you place so little importance on your life. We all make an impact on this world, the question is what impact will you make? We can make a difference, a positive change, all we need to do is work towards the goals we set for ourselves and the world around us.

      Now, regarding why, the answer to that is simple. We should try to make things better because we can. We have the ability to make positive, lasting change, now more than ever. With the information readily available to us and the technology that is constantly improving, we have the tools to make not only our communities better, but the world better.

      Lastly, please don't feel sorry for kids these days. If anything, I feel sorry for you. Just because expectations were apparently low for you, doesn't mean that they should be for generations to come. Yes, kids need to play and kids need to be kids, but if we lower our expectations, what is the future to hold? The great inventions we cherish today weren't developed by those who said "just relax, all you need to do in life is pass high school."
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        Aug 10 2012: I hear you Corey. I guess I'm more of a realist.

        No need to feel sorry for me. We're all children of our times.

        I'm a big believer in balance, which is what I was hoping to point at with my reply, albeit a little convoluted and probably not literal enough for most of today's info-tech consumers. Despite the increase in gadgets and online-opinions, it's still difficult to express nuance via the electric telephone.

        I can't agree with your last statement. The pro-relax people are just as vital to society as the enthusiastic idealist and the tireless workaholics out there.

        Like John Lennon said: "time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time".

        And to quote Rick Danko: "we were all trying to change the world and then we realised, you just have to help your neighbourhood, man".

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