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How is the world going to be different because of you?

When your time is closing in and you look back at your life, what will your greatest accomplishment be? How will you have impacted our world? Will your life, at its completion, be viewed in a positive way or in a negative way? My challenge to you is to change the world and change it for the better. List what you will do so we can all discuss what we can do as individuals and as part of a team to make this a better place.

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    Aug 9 2012: 1. I'm in the film industry, so I'll write and direct movies that inspire and entertain.

    2. I'm an actor, so I'll make sure my life expresses the believe that an actor doesn't have to be that person whose reckless lifestyle would sell gossip magazines.

    3. I'm a believer in monogamy; so, by God's help its my wife only and all other women for their special men.

    4. I know the power of words, so, I will make sure that my words encourage and inspire hope. The world has had enough misery, there is really no need to add to it; and no situation is ever hopeless.

    5. I'll use my freedom of speech to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    6. I'll continue to speak against environmental degradation, pollution and deforestation.

    7. I will always speak the truth; because even if the truth lands you in prison, you will be free where it matters most: in your heart.
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    Aug 12 2012: P.S. It is a BIG task. There is much in the pyschologically of the scientific mind that is against it. There is even much in the structure of our legal system against it ( This all adds up to a structural bias of society towards materialism, greed, the profit motive and hence commercialisation, globalism etc. etc.

    It is a big task, I can only hope to do one small piece of it, but even with this small bit I couldn't still do with some help. Is there anybody else there who has made the same realisation? (It is at the stage of more than just an idea, but less than a publishable theory). Can anybody else see how such a thing is a necessary condition prior to things fundamentally changing in our world?
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    Aug 12 2012: Oh, and couldn't fit it on to the last post:
    Although not obtained scientifically, by means of its sheer volume and consistency, the evidence obtained from near-death experiences ( will be accepted as real. And the research of Dr Pim Van Pommel into hospital and/clinical and operating theatre occurances of such, will be respected/accepted and widely known.
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    Aug 12 2012: Unification Theory

    The ultimate goal of science/physics is to find a theory which is able to explain all of existence. Limited by its starting assumption that existence is purely material, its answer will never satisfy, nor necessarily meet the test of absolute truth.

    There are many very strong physics findings into the fundamentals of our universe, which point towards there being something else which is more important and more fundamental about existence than matter. That is consciousness, its significance of which was first discovered in the Young's double slit experiment (early 1900s), but i continues to this day to dumbfound those physicists who don't accept/understand what it is telling them.

    There are many scientific experiments into things like parapsychology and mind-over-matter (Dr Dean Radin) conducted by respectable scientific establishments, which continue to produce evidence that something else is going on that pure materialist science cannot explain.

    My impact will be in uniting physics and consciousness such that:
    1. The door is opened to making respectable the parapsychological evidence already available.
    2. My work will re-enforce Einstein's conclusions by showing the 'how' of the illusion of 'time'. No physicist or member of the population will be in doubt that it all is actually an illusion.
    3. When combined with other work already available (Alex Green on consciousness) the conclusion for mankind will be that our consciousness (spirituality) actually derives from outside of the 3D universe and that this is where our real home is.
    4. By opening the door and legitimising research into consciousness and the results already obtained I would hope that I take spirituality out of the context of a 'belief' system and into mainstream knowledge.

    When each man realises that the important thing, for his future eternal life, is the expression of love and forgiveness perhaps things will change!
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    Aug 9 2012: The world changed the minute I came into it and it didn't.

    There is a sudden expectation that each of us can and should "change the world". I'm not sure why. Maybe because the internet has filled a lot of heads with grandiose ideas and ideals.

    I feel sorry for kids these days. When I was at school, all we had to worry about was passing School Certificate. Now we seem to expect kids to all solve the world's problems or somehow prevent the meltdown we all suspect may be around the corner.

    Let them play knuckle-bones and dolls for a bit longer..
    • Aug 9 2012: I think it is sad that you place so little importance on your life. We all make an impact on this world, the question is what impact will you make? We can make a difference, a positive change, all we need to do is work towards the goals we set for ourselves and the world around us.

      Now, regarding why, the answer to that is simple. We should try to make things better because we can. We have the ability to make positive, lasting change, now more than ever. With the information readily available to us and the technology that is constantly improving, we have the tools to make not only our communities better, but the world better.

      Lastly, please don't feel sorry for kids these days. If anything, I feel sorry for you. Just because expectations were apparently low for you, doesn't mean that they should be for generations to come. Yes, kids need to play and kids need to be kids, but if we lower our expectations, what is the future to hold? The great inventions we cherish today weren't developed by those who said "just relax, all you need to do in life is pass high school."
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        Aug 10 2012: I hear you Corey. I guess I'm more of a realist.

        No need to feel sorry for me. We're all children of our times.

        I'm a big believer in balance, which is what I was hoping to point at with my reply, albeit a little convoluted and probably not literal enough for most of today's info-tech consumers. Despite the increase in gadgets and online-opinions, it's still difficult to express nuance via the electric telephone.

        I can't agree with your last statement. The pro-relax people are just as vital to society as the enthusiastic idealist and the tireless workaholics out there.

        Like John Lennon said: "time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time".

        And to quote Rick Danko: "we were all trying to change the world and then we realised, you just have to help your neighbourhood, man".
  • Aug 9 2012: I am only 24 and many would argue that I am too young to start worrying about what my "legacy" will be, but I wonder this all the time. For me, right now, I think the best thing accomplishments I can make are the following:

    1. Be the best father I can be. Raise my children to be intelligent, respectful, honest people who will make contributions to this world greater than I can. (List as number 1 purposely).

    2. Look to leave everything I have a connection to a little better. For instance, if I go to the park and there is trash around, clean it up.

    3. Create a better work environment for my co-workers. I work in a decent job, but things can always be better. Where many others simply complain, I try to come up with ideas to improve.

    4. When someone appears to be struggling, help them out. I saw an elderly lady struggling to load a bag of soil into her car last month, so I went over to help her out. It is just a little thing, but she appreciated it.

    5. Inspire others to look for the good that is all around us through the bad which is always focused on. Inspire others to reach out and help each other, and to always look to live a good life.

    These are just a couple of things that I can think of right now. For me, it seems that no matter what I do I never feel as though I am changing anything for the better. When I'm gone, I want the world to have changed for the better because of me. I like all of your replies thus far, let's keep this going. Let's change this world.
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    Aug 9 2012: I will know that I stood up and was counted for what I believe to be goodness. I will wonder though no doubt, why proving something to be not true or accurate is confounded with proving others wrong. It has never been my intension to prove a single human being 'wrong". I just do not see that as productive but the chance of reducing suffering is why I keep at it.
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    Aug 9 2012: Every single human being alive in the year 2678 BC will be related to me.
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      Aug 9 2012: You are pretty prolific, sir. I have 5 kids, how long will it be for me? How long until they will be related to both of us?
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    Aug 9 2012: Awesome question Corey!!!

    After spending 25+ years in traditional business and doing very well in that arena i felt short changed for the following reasons:
    1. I didn't really feel that my work would have impacted enough people in a meaningful, positive and lasting way.
    2. I'd missed so much of my life personally in my headlong rush to reach the top only to find out once i'd got there that it was a shallow victory.

    I've now changed my work by helping people to replace a 40 year work life with a 4 year alternative. This frees people to live a life of meaning and contribution with time and financial freedom and then pay the gift forward to others by teaching whats worked for them.

    This is achievable for almost anyone allowing you to focus on a more meaningful life, more time with family and friends, the ability to travel practically at will and the ability to help meaningful causes that are close to your heart.

    All this is achievable by moving away from traditional business and the 9 to 5. The key is to not work for someone else and ensure what you do is helping many people achieve the alternative.

    I don't think its right to make this a commercial conversation so thats all i'll say here, good luck to you all!