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Help! Are we really expanding?

how could all of the galaxies Hubble saw have been moving away from him in every direction?

If we look forward they should be moving away, but if we look back into the big bang, shouldn't they being moving toward us?

And if we are also moving at the same increasing speed how can there be redshift at all? wouldn't everything appear static, as if we were on an airplane ?


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    Aug 8 2012: Simple trick for you to do to explain this.
    Get two thin pieces of paper, a ruler and a pen.
    Now on one piece of paper draw a 4x4 grid of dots each 1 or 2 centimeters apart from each other so there's a 1 or 2cm gap between all dots.
    Now on the second piece of paper draw the same 4x4 grid BUT double the distance between the dots, so if you chose 1cm now draw them 2cm apart, and if you chose 2 cm now do 4cm apart (I use 2cm and 4 cm shows up better)
    Now pick a dot on the first piece of paper, so for example say the 2nd dot from the left and 1 row down. Now match it up with it's corresponding dot on the other piece of paper by placing the sheets on top of each other so that you can see through them (hold them up to a light if you have to) and the magic begins.
    It will seem as though all the other dots have expanded away from the dot you picked, yet you know this not to be true. What's more is the fact that no matter what dots you pick the same thing will happen.
    this explains why we see red shift and in all directions and why do we see it? Because relative to the other galaxies we are in a fixed position from our perspective as mirrored by the dots you drew. So it appears that we are the centre of expansion, so these statements can be seemingly true at the same time, we are the centre of the universe and everywhere is the centre of the universe.
    Hope this helps.

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