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Give me one good reason why I should hire you.



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    Aug 11 2012: Let me turn that question on it's head : Why should I work for you?

    I'm not a 'job beggar'. I bring great value to the position (you must agree - you wouldn't have advanced me this far in the interview process if you didn't see good potential). I'm someone who offers my skills, knowledge, intelligence, and enthusiasm to this position.

    So why should I work for you and give the best parts of myself for 10-12 hours each and every day? I could be spending time with friends and family or working to better humanity, but I am agreeing to give the best parts of myself to your organization and projects for what is all too often meager pay.

    Convince me why I should come in and work for you when I could be doing something much more fulfilling with the time that God has given me on this earth...
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      Aug 11 2012: Nice one Robin, surely that's something for employers to think about.
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      Aug 16 2012: Very well said Robin. with beliefs, interests and values like that you shouldn't work for anyone. Find something that allows you time and money freedom. After 25+ yrs of huge hours and commitment i walked away from a senior executive role to do my own thing.

      It wasn't easy to begin with but its well worth it, all the best to you!

      PS. and i never wear a tie, phew!

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