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Why do we need money?

Money is like religion, it is a way of controlling the masses. If you control money you control everything.


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  • Aug 9 2012: It is a simplified form of exchanges. Imagine if you had to raise chickens or grow food just to trade for this great internet service we all are using. The actual collection of payment would be time consuming and messy.

    Now, if you are speaking in a more socialistic way (if I'm using the term correctly), such as why can't we all just work together and share all that we have, the answer is simple: practicality. It is not a practical approach because humans want more. We want more than what we have, we want more than what our neighbors have. Sharing is a nice concept that we teach our children, but sharing on all levels is allowing for exploitation of others. If I'm going to get the same as you are, what motivation do I have to work harder than you?

    As far as controlling the masses, we want and need for the masses to be controlled. While individual people can be intelligent, they also can be sucked into mass hysteria. For instance, look at the devastation caused by riots. That is what happens without control. It is the those people that have control, the people with the body armor and the big guns, that keep you safe. They are the ones you call when someone is trying to come steal that money that you have.

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