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Shutting down illegal torrents, as easy as I think? Increase the number of peers.

Torrent is based on the concept of "sharing", one person gives other receives. If the giver (seeders) are more than receiver (peers) then the torrent is good.

But what If we increase the number of receivers (peers), making them greater than the number of seeders.

How can we do this - setting up servers around the world that continually keep downloading the torrent. Unfortunately, I am not an software engineer and thus looking for an answer here.

And I am also aware, this is ironic because its kind of supporting piracy by downloading the illegal content by using servers to shut down piracy. But, I am not sure what are the regulations if the servers are given the right to download from the original owner.

Hope, I did not make it complicated.

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    Aug 8 2012: I agree, the royalties model is dying fast. I don't know Spotify, will have a look - thanks
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      Aug 8 2012: All their music is free, and you can create playlists of everything and you can also share it with other friends from Facebook. They use they make most of their revenue on advertisers in the same way TV broadcasting tries to profit from advertisers with viewership. But they also offer premium service, which users get benefits like having mobile device services, no more ads, offline mode, and more.

      Oh and developers can create mini apps/plugins using the Spotify API.
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    Aug 8 2012: If I were a torrent software engineer, I would figure out which servers are trying to load the seeders and block them.

    Instead, I suggest you use the servers to become seeders (which is illegal) and record (illegal?) all of the peers that download the torrent . I would then pay them a visit (which would be illegal too) and put a bullet in their hard drive (could be illegal too).

    But seriously, I think that law enforcement should continue to arrest the likes of Kim Dotcom and scare a few kids that are downloading illegal content.. I doubt we can beat peer-to-peer technology with technology/
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      Aug 8 2012: the scare tactic does work for a lot, but then there are guys who don't think they're doing anything wrong, and guys who think they're above the law, cuz they're pro hackers.

      I still think the best solution is to find a better kind of business model that can support free music, while the artists still get rewarded enough to make a career out of it. Effectively, it's basically trying to make a legalized version of piracy. Spotify is one example of a model that is trying to do this, and I'm still studying this model myself to see how it works, see what can it improve on, and see what it's doing bad.
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    Aug 8 2012: Hmm, what exactly would increasing the number of receivers achieve?