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Do you think the effect of technology is getting better or worse for us?

we already know the development of technology become faster since few years ago, as we know technology changed everything in every part of our life its not only changed at work, community but also our way to communication and socialization each others.
what do you think about the change of technology so far?whether its better or worse you have your argument.

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    Aug 8 2012: It's the same world; just an illussion of change. It's like the same storyline set in different times.
    No human invention can make the world better or worse; it is humans that make the world what it is.
  • Aug 15 2012: Both, mainly better.
  • Aug 9 2012: When populations grow more land is needed & usually that land is stripped of all trees & then fertilizers are added that run off into streams that pollute the waters & cause changes in wildlife & then on up the chain. The natural balance of nature is disrupted & nature lashes back (Global Warming).
    As for communications, it too has a good & bad side. Good: We all are now in touch around the globe at lighting speeds but on the bad side- very few are listening to the real needs of the planet. I do mean planet! Most folks keep their homes clean & neat, inside & out but they show no regard for the very home their homes sit upon. Usually, little or no research is done to access what damage will be done to the environment when a project is considered. It's all about the money. Florida is a good example of this.
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    Aug 8 2012: I think it is improving life dramatically in many quarters to the point where people now have time and energy to consider whether life is better or worse. My grandmother was dead by my age and she would have loved the life left to me. Modern techology has allowed me to survive something that would surely have killed her and some of my kids very healthy kids continue to live with the aid of techology and technological developments.
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    Aug 8 2012: I was a student in Telecommunications and Informatics more than 30 years ago and I've tried to use my skills to make this a better world.

    You are now a student Student in Business Telecomunications and Informatics and you look like a nice person, so hopefully you'll try to use technology to make the world better too.

    Technology is created by people. As long as people look for positive impact, technology will help us.
  • Aug 8 2012: I love new technology but, and that is a big BUT, it has also harmed how we interact with others. I would much rather have a good old fashioned sit down with folks (face to face) to discuss various issues, rather then type out replies on any venue.
    The term: Reach out & touch" comes to mind, & it can really make a huge difference in our every day lives.
    Living alone, I feel the full effects of this on a daily basis.
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    Aug 8 2012: We landed in our today's form of civilization due to technology, leaving forests ......what do you think about that , good or bad?
    • Aug 8 2012: Both! In my opinion. The bad being what we did to the forests.
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        Aug 8 2012: Fare enough.....which one out weighs the other then ?

        DO you think it will be so different impact in future with technology on us ?
        • Aug 8 2012: We can never get back what we have destroyed, for it has upset the balance. So the bad out weights the good.
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        Aug 9 2012: What about
        increased overall life expectancy...
        increased food production feeding increased number of population of this planet
        better communication throughout the globe and beyond
        etc etc ?