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What is the true and real value of TED?

Ideas, especially those not informed by experiment and empiricism - no matter how novel or imaginative they might be - are of no use except for their entertainment value. For ideas to be 'worth spreading', they must have the potential to be worthy of being translated into practical and useful benefits and policy. The problems facing humanity today have to do more with sustainable development, peace, the environment, and a plethora of want for social and economic justices. For all the interesting and thought-provoking quality of the ideas on this forum, what - in the grand scheme of things can we claim we have 'really' contributed to those issues by these 'talks' ?


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    Aug 8 2012: TED is one of site which is help people to communicate their ideas, knowledge,etc it site to exchange our opinion about curent issue, the best way to sharing knowledge based on experience, different point of view etc.
    there is no right or wrong answered all we know everyone have their way to communicate each others..it help me alot especially facing one problem at the society when i read TEDx and people asked me question which is same in TEDx i know i am already have the answered with different solution. So TEDx is not only site but its source to people who are hungry with knowledge..it great site i ever joined and i am happy for that..:)

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