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if there is more than one universe, has anyone started naming them yet?

what would be an appropriate name for ours if we are found to be the only intelligent life?


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    Aug 8 2012: I've established the Dano-verse.

    My universe in many ways overlaps with many others.
    Since the observer affects the observed I've put my signature or imprint on everything I've come across.
    We've shared it here, I've shared it with friends and neighbors, the people that I've worked with, and You who has read this with or without comment.

    We can think of our individual consciences as universes of being that interact with others trading information and integrating that into our own.

    We truly are the stuff of stars.
    • Aug 10 2012: interesting .. I saw an episode of through the wormhole about mental telepathy and the fact that perhaps we all are connected through our thoughts..

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