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If you could interview any 5 people in the world on the subject of gratitude who would you choose?

I am making a feature documentary on gratitude. I have some amazing leaders lined up but wonder who I am missing.

We want to include a broad spectrum from scientists to musicians.

Who seems a beacon of gratitude to you?

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    Mar 22 2011: Sounds like an amazing project to eb working on!
    here are a few names that came to my mind:

    Maya Angelou (
    Monja Coen (
    Lia Diskin (founder

    good luck!!
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      Mar 23 2011: Hi Elena, thank you for posting.

      it is an extraordinary project. I can hardly sit still as we see the power of this, it has come out of a great true story that has already affected thousands of lives.

      I have tried to contact Maya Anjelou, but no answer so far. Will try again. She is one of my 'most admired' list!! One suspects it is the minders who keep you away...
      I will check out the others you have suggested.

      As we are also doing a schools/youth project we want to interview some musicians too.
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    Mar 21 2011: Marek, we do have a great range of ordinary everyday extraordinary people being interviewed... we just need a few leaders to add to the mix.

    We are also happy to take suggestions on anyone you can think of though.
  • Mar 21 2011: Maybe you shoud not look for famous persons but for good, passionate people. Being famous does not one make an expert on gratitude, sometimes, on the contrary.
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    Mar 18 2011: 1. Victor Frankl
    2. Martin Seligman
    3. The Dali Lama
    4. The Chilian MinersI
    5.Nelson Mandella
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      Mar 21 2011: Thanks Debra, great list. We are on the waitlist for the Dalai Lama. He will be in Australia in June and they are trying to find a moment for us to interview him... fingers crossed! Chilean miners is a fabulous suggestion!

      How much would I love to interview Nelson Mandela!!! :)
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        Mar 22 2011: Delighted to be helpful, Toni. Are you familiar with Martin Seligman's work. He is the father of positive psychology and former head of the APA but his work started with utterly demoralized people and the concept of learned helplessness. He is a good candidate and leader in the field because he decided that a science of psychology should be cultivated to understand healthy functioning and not just abnormal psychology.
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          Mar 23 2011: No I have not been familiar with his work but will go and research him now.