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I wrote and published a science fiction novel where I propouse the idea of a Black Hole that bounces back to the Earth a TV signal

I need to justifie a way to pick up the very week and scattered tv signal and try to reproduce it again
The 3 sons of the main character leave earth in look for intelligent life because at the beginning they were not able to identify the origin of this signal, the get lost in space and the main character has to discover that the signal is comming back to Earth.
Is it possible?

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    Aug 7 2012: hard nut. 1MJ worth of photons when spread out to several light years in a spherical fashion means that a certain observer will hardly ever encounter a single photon. it is like when you shoot shrapnel at large distance, the chance to hit anything diminishes. but even if somehow a few dozen of photons arrive, it is still not enough to be identified as a signal. the problem is made worse by the fact that a black whole will also scatter photons into different directions based on slight differences in the original trajectory (like hitting a mirror ball).

    the mirroring itself is sorta possible, there are all sort of weird trajectories around a black hole, so if you can somehow hit a black hole exactly from the right direction, it might send the beam back.

    so you will need to stretch this a little. you will need to explain that the original beam was highly focused. it can either be intentional, like communication attempt or radio astronomy. or what about having a small black hole right here, in our outer solar system. this one somehow focused the incoming wide beam into a sharp one, and sent over to the other. it is hugely against all odds, so kinda far fetched, but hey. you could also stretch it even more, and make it a set of black holes that somehow form a system that is good at focusing scattered beams. or you can stretch it even further, and say that such black holes form an interstellar network, like a cosmic smoke signal or beacon network. it can either be natural, and in this case, buzzwords like macro level entanglement or something can be boasted. or it can be made by someone, aliens long gone. and humans merely tapped into that network by accident. if we could use that network properly, we could detect our signal perfectly. but since we just randomly poured data in it without proper arrangement, what comes back is just a faint echo.

    it is probably not rigorously scientific, but i think fits into scifi.
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    Aug 8 2012: If the outgoing signal was from an out of control cummunications satellite it would be more focussed. Even though the overall power is less, at a distance it would be more powerful due to the initial focus.
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    Aug 8 2012: Can we apply the same concept of interpretating the bounce of the light (radio waves) to a Cain of gravitational micro lending?
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      Sep 7 2012: sometimes I wonder if the Universe had some kind of an edge and electromagnetic radiation could be reflected by that edge, wouldn't we be able to see the edge of the Universe by receiving and processing these signals?
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    Aug 7 2012: My propsal is that the black hole is in the vicinity of our solar system
    I have the PDF of the novel in English, if you want it send me your email
    Thanks very much