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Sharing exceptional voices

It can be anyone from any age and era,we sing to one another,birds sing,just about all creatures do but there are those (i believe) amongst our kind that have a touch of something,call them what you want,gifted,talented,exceptional.A powerful singer will move in ways that can be trained but also one can see how it helps move them like the song is playing out inside them,through them.

It can be anyone from anywhere on the planet.


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    Aug 7 2012: Lauryn Hill has one of the best singing voices imo:

    His eye is on the sparrow clip from Sister Act 2
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      Aug 7 2012: There may be No line of the bible that scares me as much as the one in this song does. If he sees her why does he not catch her?
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        Aug 7 2012: I've never read the Bible myself, but the line in the song, "I sing because I am happy, I sing because I am free" and the way the two girls sang it was really moving
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      Aug 7 2012: James here is one of my favourite exceptional voices and I am sending it to all those charmingTexans! I love this!


      oops I meant this one:


      And one of the all time most beautiful voices and songs:


      I cannot end without giving you a Canadian beautiful song (this one was written by a Canadian and this rendition is my favourite of all time. Talk about exceptional voices!)

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        Aug 7 2012: lol hey, just because I'm Texan don't mean I like Texas music that much. I'm very contradictory to the stereotypical Texan :)

        @third song:
        I bet that boy feels pretty badass in the end haha
        This song reminded me of this ballet dance about a guy with a missing leg and a lady with a missing arm: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IfvO-HZMPU

        My mom loves that one a whole lot.

        @fourth song:
        Canada Pride ftw! ...hallelujah...
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          Aug 8 2012: That's OK James, I will love these enough for both of us. That Lyle Lovett song is adorable to me!
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          Aug 10 2012: James, that ballet reminds me of a Kurt Vonegut story I read in highschool and have never been able to find again. Wow.
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        Aug 8 2012: LOL ok

        just saying, I've never been a fan of country, I just don't see the appeal, but that's just me
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      Aug 8 2012: Try listening to her "Zion" track,she wrote it for her baby.Just so sad she dropped out of sight, a lot singers today quote lauryn as an early inspiration but in saying so i think today's artists have more access to professional backing earlier in their careers with a lot more technology,not that i'm saying that the singers of old weren't great but you can hear it when you compare it.
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      Aug 8 2012: I love Lauryn's voice, her unplugged concert for MTV was awesome. http://youtu.be/bIn5_PTM3Bo
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        Aug 9 2012: Helena, your wisdom and beauty always make me remember Tracy Chapman's voice. I thank you for a million tidbits.

        here is Tracy for everyone's enjoyment.

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        Aug 9 2012: can't even tell you how much I loved this, thank you.
        We pay the price daily.
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        Aug 10 2012: Wouldn't it be great to see a joyful world dancing? You can pick music for me anyday. I save everything you help me know about and learn and love it. How is your nephew?. We will create a better world for him and as it turns out for me. Do you know what people called me when I had the stroke - not medically but in a derogatory fashion? You guessed it - retarded- what an interesting way for someone like me to learn to identify further with suffering and prejudice. OMG they jet propelled my recovery so that I could defend others who had no ability to speak.
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          Aug 10 2012: Indeed.
          Music is a great passion of mine so I could be here all day sharing!
          My nephew is doing very well, thank you. And yes. I'm committed to create a safe and loving environment for him. Fortunately, he is still too young to be aware of any prejudice. I cannot comprehend such lack of humanity and despicable ways and I'm truly sorry to hear that, on top of having to struggle with your health you had to deal with such unreasonable people. I admire your resilience.
          Here's another singer that, although according to some, he may not have great singing skills, he is so real and authentic that I can't help but fall in love with his performance. Very rarely amazing talent is accompanied by extraordinary passion and this guy is so full of passion it's contagious, he's singing ability becomes secondary to me. You may want to skip the first minute or so at the beginning and end...x factor video...
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          Aug 10 2012: Um....These people who called you retarded must be retarded if they said that to someone that suffered multiple strokes,strangely enough strokes are common and can happen at anytime at virtually any age,it just happens until we can truly forecast a persons possible medical future and be able to take steps to change it,it's just the way it happens and there is always recovery.Retarded? that's the absurdest thing I've ever heard of, ever.

          I use to work with elderly stroke sufferers and the hardest thing was to keep themselves from getting lazy.
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        Aug 10 2012: Helena,you've got great taste,thank you for Ayo i like her accented english,it gives her music a personal stamp.

        Have you ever heard of this singer,this performance grabbed me.

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          Aug 11 2012: Hi Ken,
          Thank you. For some reason TED isn't letting me know about any replies to my comments and I had totally missed this.

          He is amazing, thank you for introducing me to him.

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