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Sharing exceptional voices

It can be anyone from any age and era,we sing to one another,birds sing,just about all creatures do but there are those (i believe) amongst our kind that have a touch of something,call them what you want,gifted,talented,exceptional.A powerful singer will move in ways that can be trained but also one can see how it helps move them like the song is playing out inside them,through them.

It can be anyone from anywhere on the planet.


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    Aug 8 2012: Bet you can't watch this the whole way through without crying
    Or maybe I'm just soft.
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      Aug 8 2012: Is it me or did you notice that nina continues to play the piano while singing and searching and almost look to be on the verge of having her throat stopped up with old loves or just the power of the song or, like what she said about the conditions that would arise to write it.
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      Aug 8 2012: I may be a softy too...Thank you, this has got to be one of the most powerful performances ever.

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