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Are reality television shows helping people or exploiting people?

There are reality television shows that offer music contracts, weight loss solutions, huge cash prizes, and even marriage. Are these shows shedding light on people's lives, or are they creating a false reality and steering people towards advertising dollars? Does the fact that they are on television alter the way the people on the shows act?


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    Aug 8 2012: Lets first take a look at why reality T.V is here in the first place; to make money for the T.V station. With the exclusion of a few select channels, this is the purpose of all stations.

    With that said, the stations want to entertain to convince people to watch their shows and thus creating more revenue for the channel. So what we have is a medium that wants to entertain to make money.

    So, reality television is created to make the viewer feel like it is real life. But, the problem is these reality television shows are competing against shows that could be real, but are incredibly action and drama oriented. This means that a persons everyday life becomes a boring subject on T.V.

    So, what do the producers do? They try to add the most drama as the possibly can. They purposely seek out certain "characteristics" and shoot as much as they can and then show the viewer a pinhole view of the entire situation.

    So, to answer your questions, no, it is not exactly real life, but I would not exactly go so far as to say people are being exploited.

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