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"Thinking" differently actually makes the difference! isn't it?

It is always mind choice ... to think about ... and Focus on ... what makes the worst .... OR ... what Makes The Best ...

Most people think and focus to both directions,
Some focus on only what doesn't work and makes things worst.
And a few thinks about only what can really works and make the positive difference.

What you think! share it ...

  • Aug 6 2012: Thinking for yourself makes all the difference I think. Most people are brainwashed by their elders and dead people starting from birth. It is difficult to shed that brainwashing. We must all re-program ourselves and live in accordance with our own highest consciousness of what is right, our own experiences, our own understandings, our own feelings, thoughts. We must raise our awareness of the specific beliefs, ideas, prejudices and behavior patterns that were thrust upon us. Get rid of them. BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE. This is your life. Think for yourself. Then you will achieve true creativity, happiness, fulfillment and have powerfully positive impacts on others and your own life.
  • Aug 7 2012: I think positively and negatively. I think positively to find solutions and negatively to avoid mistakes.

    I am monstrously good at worse case scenarios. The butterfly fluttered its wings ... and thus was the universe destroyed.
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      Aug 7 2012: It is good and still your positive choice when you focus to avoid mistakes, problems, failures ... all negatives. Because before you avoid mistakes, problems and losses, you are certain what you want as result at first place, and that could be success, solutions, and benefits or profits.
      • Aug 8 2012: Then again, focusing only on success may lead to ignoring minor problems. These minor problems then can create greater problems on the way.
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          Aug 8 2012: If a mind think about success it become part of success, otherwise if mind is focused on problem, it become part of problem :-) ...

          There is big difference between designing and fixing ... designing includes all fixing, problem solving and furnishing ... whereas just fixing problems does not includes designing, problem solving as whole and furnishing ... so it is about designing and problem solving .... and we know problems comes anyway ... regardless how conscious, careful and avoiding you are, major or minor problems ... they pops up and required to be solved.
      • Aug 9 2012: The world is not that simple. One cannot simply wish a world of paradise with a mere thought. To say thinking of a problem creates a bigger problem is like saying to solve a problem creates more difficulty to solve the problem. This means it does not make any sense. Our world is not entirely a creation of the human mind; it is far more complex than that concept. The Secret is wrong because man must work to achieve in life not just think to achieve in life.
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          Aug 9 2012: Perceptions are different. What you want to believe, is your own choice, regardless your concept is right or wrong. The way you have accepted, exactly the way it works for you, either complex or simple. But perceptions do not effect the reality... the phenomenon of life is perfect, every thing in nature works without any fault, but only human minds see it differently.

          Focus what the difference you want to make in your life, do you want to make it perfect or worst, what satisfy you? If you feel being critical makes you relief, go head. If not, then you need to find the solution to solve the problem.
      • Aug 9 2012: Perhaps, I am not understanding your logic. Are you saying that by the way you think is how you are ultimately treated by life?
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    Aug 7 2012: Positive thoughts makes a big difference; with a positive outlook and attitude, it is easier to move forward in difficult times, than it is when overwhelmed by pessimistic thoughts.

    But some things are real: like pain, sorrow and natural disasters. For those, as I have noted earlier, positive thinking, can not make the feeling better.
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      Aug 7 2012: In most all cases, only positive attitude works which comes from positive thoughts. Imagine someone hurt by war or any accident or natural disaster and really in pain (worst case 1), but first and most priority is to get recovery and relief of pain as soon as possible (most workable thought 1).

      Imagine, someone in jail for indefinite period because of misjudgement, he might been there for 5 years and not sure whether he ever be free or die in that small, dirty and dark smelly room of worst conditions (worst case no. 2) , he has no physical choice to make anything better.

      The only choice he may have are his "thoughts", he may think of frustration, pain, or about killing himself to be free ... or ... he may choose to think of freedom, not only for him but also many of his race, culture, or tribe or may be for whole nation ... like Nelson Mandela.

      Comparatively in most favoring and privileged living conditions, just a single pinching negative idea of hate, jealousy, revenge, discrimination etc.... can make the mind physiological disaster or make the person to conduct an evil act to hurt himself or so many.
      • Aug 7 2012: On the other hand, living in a positive world, subjects the person to gullible reasoning. Said person can now be easily manipulated by the public and face more extreme disappointments in situations of failure. A balance mind is the best state of mind.
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          Aug 7 2012: Even by extreme disappointments of failure, disaster or great loss, the mind who face it, resist against it and keep try to overcome to get back to normal state, that is possible and positive choice, and those who avail it, they survive, don't they? otherwise if minds keep focused on the failures and losses, they may loss their lives. I emphasis on what can be the best possible choices which can make better difference.
      • Aug 7 2012: Thinking positive thoughts are not always best fit for survival. It may lead to overconfidence and arrogance. A realistic mindset is best fit for mankind.
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          Aug 7 2012: "Survival" itself is "+ve" choice, off-course in a critical situation.
          "Being realistic" is also a "+ve" choice".
          "To best fit" is another positive choice.
          "For mankind" is certainly positive choice.

          Being "gullible", "manipulated", "disappointed", "failure", "overconfident", "arrogant" and "imbalanced", and "unrealistic" ...all are -ves and problems, who want being of them at first place? no one.

          Then why not being focused on thinking at first place, about how to be realistic, to be best fit, to be survived, to be lead to the success, and how to be the best for mankind. I think it is always mind choice, if the mind want to be conscious with +ves choices most of the time, specially want to be prepared for difficult time. Thanks for contributing.
      • Aug 7 2012: The world's problem does not lie in the mind of man. They already exist. You cannot just wish away all of your problems with a mere happy thought. The mind is more powerful than matter; however, matter still exist. Positive thoughts can lead to overconfidence, overconfidence then can lead to arrogance, and arrogance can lead to failure. Such stakes lie the foundation against always having a positive state of mind for it is blind to truth. A balance mind can appreciate the little things and realize the troubles ahead.
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    Aug 7 2012: IN MY VIEW:
    "Thinking" is the first step to making something real. All different things came into existence only after thought so it does make a difference
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    Aug 13 2012: It's not who we are underneath, but what we do that defines us. We must be the change we wish to see.

    It is nice to have good intentioins. But putting them in action, as modest as it could be, makes the change.
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    Aug 8 2012: A pessimist is never disappointed, may be pleasantly surprised, and always has an umbrella when it rains.
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    Aug 7 2012: Altaf, There are two terms that are necessary in this conversation. Synthesis: The result of combination. A new unified whole resting in the combination of different ideas, influences, or objects. The second is from Maslow's needs: Self Actualization: The achievement of ones full potential through creativity, independence, sponaneity, and a grasp of the real world.

    These represent the highest form of "thinking". What works for me is to analyze the problem that is inside of the box and then challenge it from outside of the box. Never limit your thoughts or dreams.

    All the best. Bob.
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    Aug 7 2012: Hi again Robert. I have recently had some wonderful conversatons on TED with James Zhang and Debra Snith amongst others. Personally I am very grateful for this forum and the opportunity to discuss some of my ideas. If such a prize were offered I think the best use of it would be in the form of burseries for people disadvantaged in real time from continuing their studies. I am certain that it is in the combination of research and actual lived experience that a person is best able to synthesise their knowledge and information. I have had conversations about what makes a person better than a person-machine hybrid, about what might get in the way of a person fulfilling their potential and delivering useful research to the world. As you may be aware there are so many opportunities to get lost on the way and it is such a waste. I believe bursaries should support a second-chance, for young people whose hormones or home circumstances get in the way of learning, for older women who decided to have children first for whatever reason and for disabled people, if only to get them the technology so they can speak and be heard. Cats and bees are a huge inspiration for me, sometimes we need cats rather than dogs. I like the artefacts that remain from Ancient Eygpt because of the actions of cats. I like the way we have access to spiritual texts that tell us more about the Ancient Eygptians. I like debating about the structures of societies and celebrating the potential while reflecting on the cost. My heroes are Einstein, Churchill, Ghandi and Hawking. Perhaps these could be the structure for a bursery. Am going to put my two black and white moggies as my profile picture but I always have in mind the colours of the rainbow when it comes to people. I intend to use my conversations to talk to my own university tutor about evidencing for talking therapies. In real time I am trying to support my own community. Support the tree of knowledge so the fruit is not toxic.