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I was a bookseller in mostly antiquarian books. I would love a discussion about the disintegration of the book world - bookshops, libraries

I have seen dramatic shifts in the antiquarian bookselling business and in publishing. I fear for the future "brick and mortar" bookshop as more and more stores close, including the behemoths like Borders and Barnes and Nobel - the rise of the "print on demand" (POD) which has jeopardized sales of real books and destroyed the value of simply good out of print books which have been rendered worthless.

I'm interested in the question from other booksellers as well as book buyers who buying habits have clearly changed.


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    Aug 7 2012: POD is fantastic... it democratises access. I am not really a fan of all those technical devices and gadgets but since I see so many people reading something on their phones in the most crowded metro train where space is at a premium I had to change my mind. The problem with your type of business is that many valuable books became investment items and, as such, inaccessible to a broader public. I had friends who sat on valuable antique Chinese books but couldn't read them. What's the point?

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