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What would you do for the world with $1 million?

The TED Prize has entered a new chapter, with this year's winner receiving $1 million dollars to execute their one wish to inspire the world.

This has me thinking: what would you do for the world with the $1 million prize? Answer here and you may see yourself on the TED blog soon.

Want to nominate a mentor, colleague, friend or even yourself for the TED Prize? Nominations are open from now until August 31st at this website:



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  • Aug 17 2012: I would start an after-school program in low-income areas that taught kids how to cook. Each day, we would cook a meal and a snack. The snack would be eaten while at the program. The meal would be enough to feed a family and would go home with the child. The family's immediate need for food would be met and the child would be taught skills they will need in the future - whether that is simply making healthy meals for their own family or moving into a job in a professional kitchen.
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      Aug 17 2012: Mary, I love this Idea. I've done some volenteer work at a food bank and one of the problems we constantly noticed was the number of people who didn't know what to do with a bag of dried beans or how to cook a roast. I would include adults in this kind of education.
      • Aug 17 2012: Thanks, Robert! I've worked with a farm that offers a CSA/Food Stamp program which includes cooking classes. But they have trouble raising interest. I think a Food Bank where people already understand the model would be a great place to teach both adults & children.

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