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Happening Now: Live Q&A with TED Books Author Daniel Grossman on "Deep Water" and the Science of Rising Sea Levels

*** Live Q&A with Author Daniel Grossman: Tuesday, August 21st, 1pm-2pm EDT (New York Time) ***

We're starting a regular TED Book discussion group here on TED Conversations. Would you like to join us?

For the next two weeks, we'll be using this space to discuss Daniel Grossman's new book on the science of rising sea levels, "Deep Water". The TED Books are designed to be read in a single sitting, so it should be a quick read, and it will give us a good shared starting point for a broader discussion on climate change and what the future holds for our planet.

These are short eBooks, available for Kindles, Nooks, and iPads/iPods/iPhones. I believe you can also read Kindle books on your Mac or PC now, and if you have an iOS device, there's a new TED Books app.

Download options: http://www.ted.com/pages/tedbooks_library
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008R8U1LU/

At the end of our two-week discussion, author Daniel Grossman will be joining in for a Live Q&A session to share his thoughts and answer any questions we might have.


Closing Statement from Aja B.

Many thanks to Daniel Grossman and all our participants! This was an interesting and educational journey. To learn more about Dan's work, you can visit his website here: http://dangrossmanmedia.com

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    • Aug 21 2012: Many of these problems can be viewed from various perspectives. From the perspective of the 4.5 billion year life of the planet, a human life or even a civilization means little. From the perspective of the much longer life of the universe, what happens on Earth means nothing. On the other hand, what we see today around us are ecosystems that have developed and been optimized to current conditions over thousands and millions of years. (some of these "conditions" are a range of conditions, not the exact current climate). We inhabit a world that has been built by human hands over hundreds and thousands of years. Those things are in danger. That's not to say humans won't exist in the future or that life will not exist. But we are endangering things that we may thing are worthy or even sacred.
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        Aug 21 2012: Hi Daniel, Aja, Ken and everyone else. Like Ken I am from N.Z. I fgrew up in Wellington, on the harbour peninsula known as Miramar by Wellington Airport. Love the sea either Seatoun or Scorcher/Worser bays. N.Z. is my eden and any world system change is likely to impact N.Z. first, if it is not the wind it willl be the sea and then possibly the volcanoes. Don't know about glacier melts in South Island but do wonder if it was a factor in Christchurch earthquake. Experienced big quake 1969 plus father involved in rescue of passengers from Aromoana ferry disaster. Still hear Moaning Minne foghorn in my head tho my cousin says she is now turned off as even N.Z., has more sophisticated GPS etc.

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