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Can you tell me a supernatural thing that ever happened to you or you have observed in real life?

I believe everybody has experienced something he or she still can't figure out what happened or science somehow cannot explain it so far. Here is mine: One day while I was working on something my desk, and suddenly I dropped my pen into the gap between the desk and the wall, but I didn't hear anything indicating the pen hit the ground. I then moved the desk and tried to recover my pen, but it turned out there was nothing there. I dug every inch down the floor in my study room, but I still couldn't find it.(The pen was my one of my birthday gifts, so it actually meant a lot to me.) After about six months, I think, when I swept the floor in the kitchen, I found my pen again, under the refrigerator... I still wonder today how in the world my pen just appeared in the kitchen after having disappeared for six months. It seemed like the pen traversed through some other spaces and ended up in the kitchen...

So share your story with us! Including prophetic dreams, etc.

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      Aug 7 2012: Wow, thanks for sharing with us, Kate! Sometimes faith just makes miracles happen.
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    Jeff L

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    Aug 9 2012: If we had a chance to accept these experiences as a part of life then they would cease to be phenomenon. We are insulated from the important effects of these experiences buy modern existence. Having to pay the mortgage and feed the kids create a numbness that makes us insensitive to events going on around us all the time. The old children's rhyme (Stop, Look and Listen) about crossing the street is something we should all live by. I have experienced so much more by doing these three things daily. Try it just three times a day and your world will change. Your pen will fall though the crack all the time, Because it does more often than you think. You just catch it every now and then.
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      Aug 9 2012: I agree Jeffrey,
      Many of the experiences that seem to be "supernatural" or unusual to some people, seem very natural to me, and I also agree that it is the challenges of living our lives that often get in the way of realizing all the natural "magic" in our world. Worry and stress sometimes become obsticles for fully exploring all this life experience has to offer. It has a lot to do with our attitude and perception of the life experience, and if we can create balance in our lives to be able to enjoy the present moment:>)
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    Aug 8 2012: Hi Hugo!
    I agree with Daniel that sometimes what is perceived as supernatural is simply something beyond our intellectual ability to grasp.

    I had a horseback riding accident 22 years ago while riding on the access road to a ski area, sustained a fractured skull and severed artery, causing a subdural haemorrhage which is life threatening.

    It just happened, that 4 ski patrolers (buddies of mine), were coming down the road in a car. Normally, they would ski from one part of the ski area to another part of the mountain, but for some reason, they decided to drive that day. They came upon me in the road almost immediately after the accident, and they had radios.

    They immediately called the ambulance, which normally is based in a town about 25 miles away from the accident. It just happened that they had just finished a transport to the village where the accident took place, so they were within about 2 minutes from where I was.

    The ski patrolers were communicating with them right from the beginning, and the ambulance staff started communicating with the hospital, which was about 40 miles away.

    It just happened that the director of neurosurgery at the medical center was on call that day, and happened to be in the hosp. on that Sunday afternoon. Ambulance paramedics were communicating with the neurosurgeon on the way to the hosp., and were starting to prepare me for surgery....inserting IVs, cutting the cloths off, etc.

    When we arrived at the hosp. they skipped the emergency room and went directly to the OR where the team of surgeons were already scrubbed and waiting for me.

    Between the time of the accident and the time I was in surgery was about 1 hour. They said that I would not have lived if it had taken any longer.

    After the emergency craniotomy the body hovered between life and death clinically for two days. In that time, I had an NDE/OBE (near death experience)

    I was not expected to live, and here I am.....sharing the story with you:>)
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      Aug 8 2012: Thanks for sharing, Colleen! I've read a lot aobut NDE. It just seems to be always related to power to render "ridiculous" things happen and turn a one-in-million chance probable. Sometimes I got deja vu quite a bit and when I tried to recall how in the world I felt familiar with this, my only explanation always went to some dreams I just had not long ago.
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        Aug 9 2012: My pleasure Hugo:>)
        NDEs are very common, and there have been thousands of recorded cases for many years. It felt like a very natural experience to me. Again, as Daniel says... "what is perceived as supernatural is simply something beyond our intellectual ability to grasp". Even though I cannot "grasp" everything I experienced, it still felt natural, and I don't need to understand everything at this point in time:>)
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          Aug 9 2012: Haha. Yeah, sometimes being able to feel it is more desirable than understanding how it works...
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      Aug 10 2012: I believe that we are creators.
      The soul mearly recreates our deepest thoughts and our inner most desires and ideas for us to experience. We therefore are creating and recreating our reality either consciously and/or unconciously .you choose. as a subreality to the absolute. Choose. I think there is nothing supernatural, only a remembrance of whats natural.
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        Aug 10 2012: Dear Mwenjew....good to see you again:>)

        I agree Mwenjew, that we are creating and recreating our reality either consciously and/or unconsciously in each and every moment. Much more fun to do it consciously and remember with intent, don't you think?
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    Aug 7 2012: A while ago whilst backpacking around the world, I was a few days in Bangkok. One afternoon I was pushing my way through a crowd in a very busy shopping street when I bumped into this woman, causing her to lose balance. I apologized and as I did so, we looked at each other and time froze. She was the sister of one of my best friends from my little home town in the Netherlands. 12'000 miles from home, in a city of millions and the only person I bumped into that day.

    Supernatural? I don't know, but the odds were pretty low!
    • Aug 7 2012: Henk,

      Just how old were you just then? I have had some similar experiences around the age of 24. The question may seem irrelevant but when I look back at the chapters and turning points of my life, I see that I have met some people just at the right moment that seemed to be destined. As your experience tells of a meeting that is statistically quite slim, I to have had more than a few of these "coincidences" while traveling in Germany and Norway. .... stories that still give me goosebumps even though I have told them many times before. The chances seem to be far greater than a million to one...
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        Aug 7 2012: Hi Daniel, I was 25 at the time. There were I deed more such unlikely meetings. I don't know if it was age related but always assumed that it had something to do with fulfilling g needs. At that time I needed relationships (though nothing came of meeting my friend's sister :)

        At other times I needed jobs or money and that always seemed work out quite unexpectedly at a point of desperation. I've got so used to this that I rely on such coincidence as a matter of course...
  • Aug 7 2012: Hello Hugo,
    Here is a true story for you.
    I was in Hawaii many years ago. I was out with three friends, one of which was a native and wanted to take us to a night club where there was a clairvoyant man doing a show. On the way in, there was a man who was passing out a small piece of paper and a pen to each of the incoming customers. He asked us to write down three questions and nothing more. Being a curious, I of course wrote down three questions and went in.

    There were about 60 people in the room as I recall. Each of which had also written down three questions upon entering the room

    We found a seat and waited for the show to begin. A little later, a man came out and talked to the audience a bit. He then had an assistant help him to tape and blindfold his eyes so he could not see the questions written on the small pieces of paper that were all well folded and placed into a deep hat. The assistant held the hat up as high as he could as the man then proceeded to pull out the small folded papers one by one and then proceeded to first "read" the questions, yes, "read it"...without seeing it with his eyes, as he simply held it in his fingers. After reading the question, he then proceeded to answer the question as well. Furthermore, he also called out each person by name, yes, by name, which was not written down anywhere!! My three question were phrased in a way that there was neither any clear concrete answer or any possible way of him being able to know of any such future event in my life. This was without a doubt "impossible" Time has shown that the answers he gave eventually came true, and once again, even I myself, at that moment in time, didn't know the answers to my own questions

    So, for my part, people can be as skeptical as they like. I know, without a shadow of a doubt that the phenomenon of clairvoyance is real. "Supernatural" is a word that is simply describing something that is beyond our intellectual ability to grasp. It doesn't mean that it's not real
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      Aug 7 2012: Wow! A fascinating story! Thanks for sharing with us, Daniel. I wish I could meet somebody like that. :)
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      Aug 7 2012: Imo extraordinary abilities have been around since the beginning of time. What is new is the idea that this stuff is hokum. It would appear that the culture changed in the late 1800's with Freud and Pavlov and their ilk.

      I think we all have these abilities to a greater or lesser extent. I think problems (that are created to keep us in the cattle chute) take us out of now. What this stuff boils down to is communication, we are better at communicating than anyone would like us to believe. Are you awake?

      How often do you know who is calling before you pick up the phone? How often do you know what the other drive is going to do before he does it? Athletes who play at a high level often talk about mental telepathy and how they transcend the mechanics of the game.
      • Aug 7 2012: Hi Pat,

        Yes indeed, in fact clairvoyance was much more usual in the older civilizations. I would venture to say that in isolated parts of the world, where cultures have yet to be bombarded with the sentient storm of modern technology, these abilities are much more prevalent than in the "developed" world.

        I do think that these faculties can be re-awoken in modern man. Although it requires a lot of effort, as you say, we all have small isolated experiences of it. We just can't seem to find the source of it. Jacques Lusseyran is an example of this. Check out the link I sent to Hugo above.
      • Aug 7 2012: Here is a youtube link of a blind woman that had a NDE who tells of how she could see. The phenomenon is a parallel to what I'm getting at. The physical body is only the vehicle for the higher bodies of our being.

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          Aug 7 2012: Too much mystery. The link I made is interesting as well. The simple truth is that you don't have a soul you are a soul. Naturally a soul has more ability than a homo sap. The question is are you awake?
      • Aug 7 2012: Pat,
        I'm with you on "you don't have a soul you are a soul"

        I was in on the link you mentioned. Yes, it was interesting, although there wasn't much new or revealing that hadn't been said before. I actually thought to take part in that discussion but never got back to it.

        The question of being "awake" is an allusive one. We all assume we are awake, but in truth we are walking around in a half awake consciousness. Our full potential of "awareness" is far beyond that which we experience in our day to day consciousness. Take for example a savant, who is often socially and/or mentally handicapped. He may not be able to tie his shoe but can remember and draw an entire aerial view of the city of London as a highly educated artist or technical drawer after just one short view of it. How many "normal" people could do this? .... They are more aware / awake in certain parts of their "constitution" than most others. An painter / artist can be more visually awake, a musician more awake in the auditory element. But our senses can be developed to higher degrees than what we are born with.
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          Aug 8 2012: In my humble opinion, there are many different levels of consciousness...many different levels of "awake".

          Yes, I agree...our senses can be, and have been developing to higher degrees, and I believe that is part of evolution. We carry an energy vibration, and the higher the vibration, the more we may be "awake", aware, and increasingly conscious. The more we are aware, the higher our energy vibration, which facilitates more awareness....it's another life cycle:>)
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        Aug 8 2012: Pat,
        I agree with you that these abilities have been around since the beginning of time, and often we simply do not pay attention. You speak of transcending the mechanics of the game. I had a little experience with this.

        Years ago I was sailboat racing one afternoon, we had very heavy winds, and as we were pulling the spinniker sail in, the wind caught it and puffed it out really fast pulling three of us who were holding it across the deck. I got a metal winch rammed into my chest.

        I was a professional actor at the time, and doing a play that night in which I had a leading role...singing and dancing. I was in quite a bit of pain, and on my way to the theater thinking how the hell am I going to do this performance?

        As we were preparing for the show...warmup, costume, hair, makeup, etc., the pain was subsiding, and I was becoming the character. By the time I got on stage, there was no pain whatsoever. The character had NOT been sailing and injured that day, and the performance went fine.

        AFTER the show, and that night, I had a lot of pain again, so I had it checked out with ex-rays the next day. I had 4 cracked ribs. Hurt like hell in the daytime.... I rested and used ice, heat and ibuprophen. At night I did the performance with the same results every night for two weeks...absolutely no pain.

        That was when I realized that we can put ourselves in another state (character if you will) and transcend pain. That was the first time I was conscious of the ability, although as I explored back into my earlier life, I had been doing it for a long time....just not as consciously.

        By the time I got to the head/brain injury years later, they wanted to give me all kinds of drugs for pain, and I kept telling them I was fine....didn't have a lot of pain.....guess I just decided NOT to have too much pain:>)
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          Aug 8 2012: Yes Colleen that is what I'm talking about.

          I had an experience that I'm reluctant to share as it may seem like a parlor trick, but it was almost identical to the story in the link I made (Tim Yuriev story about a Buddhist).

          My contention is that we are infinitely more capable than this earth culture would have us believe and shame on us for allowing them to advise us on such matters that concern our very integrity.

          By the way I'm quite rational logical and conservative but what I have said is true.
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        Aug 9 2012: Pat,
        I think I understand a little bit about reluctance. Years ago, I was invited to speak at the university about the NDE. I declined for months, mostly because of my reluctance in speaking about something that was so far "out there". Finally I agreed to speak about it in classes and facilitate discussion groups.

        I was amazed at the reaction and feedback from the students!!! While I anticipated skeptisism, and rejection of the idea, they were actually very receptive, encouraging and eager to talk about it. In almost every class, there was at least one person who had an NDE, or students who knew about other people who had the experience. With this information, and the fact that I researched the topic quite extensively, for my own understanding, I began to realize that it was not uncommon at all.

        The more comfortable I felt with the experience, the less reluctant I was to speak about it. One thing I had to detach from was my own dependance on what people might think of me....they might think I'm nuts!!! I got to the point where I didn't care what other people's perception was/is. They can believe it or not, and it doesn't impact me in any way.

        I agree with you Pat, that we are more capable of assimilating much more information than we realize, and some folks would like to be skepical to the point of questioning our integrity. That's ok....it does not change who and what I am, or what I experience.

        BTW...I am quite rational, logical and conservative as well. I also have an open heart and open mind, which, when all combined, may be the best of everything!
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      Aug 7 2012: So the hat was held up, and the piece of paper was opened up at arm's length? Could be one of the gimmicks televanglists use, someone could be behind him, hidden from site of course, and then could read the paper and relay it via radio signal to an earpiece in this man's ear.
      Televangelsits get people to write down their ailments on paper before they come in and where they live etc etc. Then magically the preacher hears gods voice and knows exactly who you are where you live etc etc when really, in Peter Popoff's case he was being relayed the info via radio from his wife who was reading it off the paper
      • Aug 7 2012: Stewart,

        How did he know my name? My name was never asked and never given. Funny that he could know the answers to the questions as well... when the answers weren't even available to me until many months afterwards....
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          Aug 7 2012: Your name, mics in the audience, discussing which questions each of you wrote etc etc. As I haven't been in the skeptic business a long time I don't know all the gimmics. I'm sure James Randi's site has a section on stuff like this.
          And a few questions. Were you shown the contents of the hat? How many did he pick out? and do you remember any examples of the questions?
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    Aug 6 2012: I think that for some of us the membrane of the future is thinner or there is definite spin communication going on somehow or we as a group unconsciously are connected to each other somehow and for some funny reason able to map what's coming but at the conscious level are unaware of anything except maybe a slight sense of unease or excitement individually but usually totally unaware.
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    Aug 6 2012: Well, I get deja vu's a quite a bit... like I sometimes get the feeling that I've done this before, but it turned out I didn't...
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      Aug 10 2012: Dear James,
      I experience deja vu quite a bit too. Like when I was in Olympia, Greece at the original olympic stadium, or Machu Pichu, in Peru. It really felt like I had been in those places before and was participating in the "life" of the community. I feel that almost always when I'm in a place where there was an ancient culture.

      I have a theory, which is supported by other theories, about deja vu, and other experiences like that.
      I believe our conscious mind, subconscious, other levels of consciousness, including dream state, imagination, intuition, instinct, etc., are all interconnected energy. I believe energy to be the life force, and the body is a carrier of the life force energy. I also believe there is an energetic connection with all people, and it is called the universal energy or collective conscious.

      If this theory is true, then the energy that is traveling through us at all times, may provide information in the form of deja vu? Intuition? Instinct? In other words, the energy that moves through us, may have recycled through many other bodies, places and experiences many times before? What do you think?
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    Aug 8 2012: I've had a few freaky experiences, but nothing I would call supernatural.

    Maybe unexplained or a rare coincidence.
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      Aug 9 2012: Obey,
      Maybe you wouldn't call them "supernatural" because they are "natural"!
  • Aug 7 2012: I was with my wife when she had a shocking emotional experience because her daughter was smoking a cigarette for the first time. My wife knew it instantly, knew exactly where her daughter was, who she was with and what they were doing. Her daughter was about 1500 miles away. Her daughter later confirmed every detail, and said she felt tremendous guilt. This is only one of several examples of their psychic link, almost always involving strong emotions.
  • Aug 7 2012: Stewart,

    LOL !! Randi is like something out a cracker jacks box. Cheap and plastic. He has no insight into anything. He's stuck in is skeptical rut and will never pull out of it. He's built his reputation and his whole life on his world view. I bet he's skeptic to his own mother being his real mother.

    I remember all the questions, and I didn't discuss them with my friends at the table either.
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      Aug 8 2012: Think what you will about Randi but it doesn't change the fact he debunked a lot of people and a lot of myths.
      And could you answer the rest of my questions to see if there's a better explanation than someone magically knew the shape of whatever atoms are used to make ink that were left on a piece of paper. Thats literally the claim that's being made.
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        Aug 9 2012: Daniel and Stewart,
        I think Randi is delightful, and I perceive him to be an entertainer as much as anything.

        This is his opening line from his TED talk: "Homeopathy, quackery and fraud"
        "Good morning. Happy to see so many fine folks out here and so many smiling faces. I have a very peculiar background, attitude and approach to the real world because I am a conjurer. Now, I prefer that term over magician, because if I were a magician, that would mean that I use spells and incantations and weird gestures in order to accomplish real magic. No, I don't do that; I'm a conjurer, who is someone who pretends to be a real magician. (Laughter) "

        When we are considering ideas that are beyond the realm of present knowledge, it is a good idea to be skeptical, and fully explore all information. There definitely are people who would take advantage of other vulnerable people. We each have a brain, and the ability to think on our own, and sometimes the thinking process is scewed when we are injured, sick and vulnerable. That's why it's really important to look at all information.

        I grow herbs, and use them all the time in cooking, suppliments for the body, I make creams and salves with the herbs, herb vinegars and oils, etc. I also suggest the use of certain herbs when/if people ask me for that information. Even though it is scientifically proven that most herbs contain antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-oxident elements, I would never sell or promote herbal remedies as a "cure" for anything. There are a few potent ones that I don't mess with, but other than those, to the best of my knowledge, there are very few side affects from most herbs.

        There are no guarentees in life, and for anyone to claim an herb or homeopathic substance is a "cure" is misleading. That is where we need to use our thinking process to determine how, why, when, and with whose recomendation we will use these remedies.
  • Aug 7 2012: I too had repeated incidences at a certain age. Particularly around the age of 24-26. It has been a long time ago since I can clearly see a "destiny loaded" meeting with a person or happening. ... Although today, I am always watching and waiting for it to happen. I also seem to experience such things when I am traveling. ... open minded .. anticipating what might happen around the next curve in the road. It almost seemed like it was a precondition to not have any real plans. ... sort of open for what's gonna happen next...
  • Aug 7 2012: Hello again Pat,

    Yes, he could see with his "inner eye" as the more popularized language would call it. If you recall Colleen's comments here on TED, she often refers to a body of light or energy that we are composed of. We are not only this physical body, we are also a light body. This light body, or in esoteric terms "ether body" or "life body" is what is keeping this physical body alive. It is the energy body that survives our physical death. But it is not all of what we are. There is much more. As we converse here on the phenomenon of clairvoyance, the "supernatural" doesn't seem so beyond our grasp if we can find some working concepts to begin to describe what is happening. I have no direct experience myself of seeing this life body or etheric body, but I can understand how it works and how people can have a conscious experience of it. Many people have such experiences never knowing what it is. What mystics call the "akashic record" is also this etheric tableau that people experience in for example NDE's
  • Aug 7 2012: Jacques Lusseyran also had this ability.
    Here is a little info. on the link below. A very interesting story. He has a book called "And There Was Light"

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    Aug 6 2012: Do stories that involve hallucinogenics count?