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What has, or would have, helped you to learn better?

There are so many educational paradigms – industrial, constructivist, instructivist, technological to name a few. All defined by a set of characteristics, designed to encourage the process of learning.

I want to remove the labels, take learning out of a box and simply find out what real experiences have helped you to learn better, or would have helped you. I will give an example, I always hated English at school, I was OK at it but it bored me. Then one year I got a teacher who was so passionate about the study of English that I just sort of caught her bug, well at least for the time she was my teacher. I learned more in 1 year in her class (I was fortunate to get her 3 years straight) than the rest of my schooling years put together. So I would conclude that an inspiring, passionate teacher enhances the learning process now and into the future – for me at least.

If you think about it we are all experts – we have all either taught something or someone and we have all been taught by someone. I just want to know what things happened to make you learn successfully or what things would have helped you better.

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  • Aug 6 2012: I want to have a room of my own , then I can think deeply without distraction and I will have more freedom to make plans of my study .

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