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What has, or would have, helped you to learn better?

There are so many educational paradigms – industrial, constructivist, instructivist, technological to name a few. All defined by a set of characteristics, designed to encourage the process of learning.

I want to remove the labels, take learning out of a box and simply find out what real experiences have helped you to learn better, or would have helped you. I will give an example, I always hated English at school, I was OK at it but it bored me. Then one year I got a teacher who was so passionate about the study of English that I just sort of caught her bug, well at least for the time she was my teacher. I learned more in 1 year in her class (I was fortunate to get her 3 years straight) than the rest of my schooling years put together. So I would conclude that an inspiring, passionate teacher enhances the learning process now and into the future – for me at least.

If you think about it we are all experts – we have all either taught something or someone and we have all been taught by someone. I just want to know what things happened to make you learn successfully or what things would have helped you better.

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  • Aug 6 2012: I think that our education now in England is more to do with our creative side and our new ideas. What I don't think we're focusing enough on is the basic knowledge that we need in the first place in order to gain new, intuitive ideas. I think that it's all a bit too relaxed and we need a tighter education system, because it's all well enough to bring things such as iPads into our learning, but because of this students would rather play games and socialize instead of supposedly being inspired by what technology can do these days. So I think sometimes we need to go a bit more old school so we don't take things for granted but enjoy learning at the same time.

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