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What makes kids lower priority than a job?

For people who are in defense, social services or mission critical jobs like healthcare, scientists there are definitely priorities.

But other than that what makes Job a higher priority than a Kid. Are we not able to visualize the importance of a kids growth during his childhood or we are trying to ignore it for other so called benefits.

  • Aug 7 2012: I find your gross simplification of this very difficult situation very offensive.

    While my children were growing up I had to have a job to provide for them. When I accepted a job I accepted the responsibilities that went with it, and sometimes this meant that I could not spend time with my children. I suffered as well as my children. This caused arguments between me and my wife, largely because she did not understand my work responsibilities and the consequences of saying no to my boss or my client. Among many other consequences, I would have lost my job and my ability to provide for my family.

    Many times I had to make the heartbreaking decision to work over time, sometimes working throughout a whole weekend, instead of going home to be with my family. At times I had to work away from home all week, coming home only for weekends. I missed a great deal of my children's childhood, and it was and is still heartbreaking. It was also necessary. There was no higher or lower priority; the job provided for the children.

    The "other so called benefits" were food, clothing and shelter.
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    Aug 7 2012: Apples and oranges. People have children because they want to. People have jobs because they want to (or have to). Life is a balancing act and some people are good at it. Some are not.
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    Aug 7 2012: For most people, the love of money, and the desire for fame, makes it easy to get their priority wrong.
    If one would not have time for responsibilities and sacrifice, then why have kids?
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    Aug 6 2012: If the parents do not work, where does the money come from to raise the child?

    And if the parents do not work, the child has no role model to help it learn that it will need to work to earn a living when it gets older.
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    Aug 6 2012: As soon as someone hears that both parents work they hit the panic button because they do not fit the Leave It To Beaver mom is there for you model. True there are many latch key kids with little or no supervision. There is also those who have made arrangements, family members who supervise for a short period. Often times one parent works a different shift which means there was never a problem.

    Summary: Before you label someone be sure of your facts.

    All the best. Bob.
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    Aug 6 2012: Is prioritizing work over children a pervasive problem or is this only an assumption people sometimes make for families with two earners?
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    Aug 6 2012: Debt slavery : )
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    Aug 6 2012: My wife took 15years out to raise our kids (2). We struggled financially, but the kids turned out well. Kids v Money ? No contest.

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    Aug 6 2012: They're both really important, no doubt, but a parent NEEDS to reserve time for their kids, just as much as they need to get paid. Parents need to steer the kid in the right direction.