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Could gaming platforms be used in the school system to improve the education experience and effectiveness in schools?

I watched my younger brother play games for hours with his friends. This is the same group of youth that have no interest in school because its not a challenge or stimulating for them. So I started thinking if this technology could be used in the school systems to engage students. I saw the passive Angel turn into a super driven competitive individual simply because of the challenge placed before him. How can we use this to increase what children get out of their education? Or would this prevent their basic abilities to learn? I know that the military has been using this tech for years to train their soldiers on everything from combat to vehicle operation. It has been proven successful there, but would it hamper basic learning skills? Would their interpersonal skills suffer?

Just a though that I had.


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  • Aug 6 2012: I think that's a great idea! Kids learn so much about video game worlds, what if we incorporated real life learning in a fun way. I think this would be a great way to supplement other learning methods, not replace them entirely. That way they would still acquire basic learning and interpersonal skills.

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