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The pros and cons of the electoral college.

What if America decided to abolish the electoral college? Wouldn't it be more simple just to have simple majority vote?


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    Aug 6 2012: The electoral college, and the senate, are designed to empower the south in national politics. They are intentional power plays designed to place the most power, in the hands of uneducated, sparsely populated rural towns. What's the benefit of this?

    Corporations can buy advertising in these rural markets very cheap, and then use uneducated, poor people, to vote for policies which benefit them. They spam the weak minded people in small communities with messages that the "Elitist left wing socialists, want to come down here and take your guns and jobs away, and outlaw religion, and turn your kids gay, and the only thing that will stop them is good ol boys like me". It makes American law very simple for the wealthy to manipulate.

    It will never change.
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      Aug 6 2012: your comment seems to be far fetched considering the opening statement of this conversation :)
    • Aug 6 2012: "Elitist Left wing socialists" that sounds ironic.
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        Aug 7 2012: It doesn't need to make sense, that's the point, there's only one hundred people in the town, and they don't talk to anyone who graduated a university... Just spam the tv with every buzz word their preacher tells them is evil : p

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