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A Machine to Calculate the Nutrition Levels in Home Cooked Food

It is clear that there is a major struggle (specifically in the US) when it comes to combating obesity. Even those who are actively working towards eating healthy may not actually be eating as healthy as they think due to false advertising in products, not following directions, deviating from their diet, etc.
Since a balanced nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle and body, it would be extremely helpful for there to be a machine that can calculate the nutrition levels in food we make at home. This would help allow better portion management and more awareness to what we are taking in. This could be a machine that could exist even at offices that could be shared with coworkers to ensure they are getting the correct nutritional values. When we aren't educated about what we are eating- we are unable to make informed decisions regarding our health. This could be a major step in the right direction in health and combating obesity.


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  • Aug 6 2012: This is really an interesting idea I know that I'm trying to eat healthier by eatting at home. However finding true nutritional balance at home is something that I am not sure that I'm getting. I know my mom used to spend and least 5 hours a week planning a nutritional menu for the week each week. My question though is what about the apps that are out their for smart phones. I know that she switched over to one to help my dad get back to his 8% body fat goal. But even that is time consuming to enter everything that they eat. An automated system would be amazing to make eating healthy available to everyone.

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