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Possibilities for K-12?

Is it possible to imagine a competency based K-12 (9-12?) educational system whereby students earn high school credit for Coursera/Kahn Academy completion and demonstration of mastery in some way?

  • Aug 6 2012: Well, I sort of do. I homeschool and do much of my learning on sites like Coursera, Khan Academy, and Udacity. (I didn't know Coursera has a minimum age, I'm only 14) I don't recieve credit from the state, but this counts toward my homeschooling degree. It would be awesome if there was a program where we could recieve credit for these things. You could have sort of an advisor who reviewed your work, and provided suggestions, and students could gather at a school where they could be free to learn what they want when they want (with certain standards) . Sort of like a sudbury school. The state could asess you to see if you really learned it. I think a more customized, personal mastery based system would really benefit education.
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    Aug 6 2012: Right now the minimum age for Coursera is 18.