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Does the violence men perpetrate against women indicate that men fear women?

The rage and hatred which perpetrates violence nearly always has a denied fear behind it. Denied fear of other easily converts into blaming rage at the other, which if the fear is strong enough may drive the rage into violent behavior. Is this the case concerning man's violence toward women?


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  • Aug 6 2012: I agree but maybe a man's dominance may be natural as it's probably in their DNA to take the upper role because of the history of mens attitude towards women. But maybe if women dominance triggers such a strong emotion then it would most likely be linked to their past. I think that this question is probably a lot more complex than what one may originally thought as there are many possibilities to this and each person is unique and individual so they would all have a different story.
    A bit off topic but just asking... is there an age restriction to having an account on TED? Only I'm a kid but I like to be involved in debates and discussions (and the videos) so I signed up...
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      Aug 6 2012: I agree Lily that this is a complex issue, and you are insightful to recognize that.

      As far as I know, there is no age restriction to having an account on TED, so, welcome!

      You are welcome to participate in any discussion, and if you would like to connect with other young people, here is a link to a site. It is going to close in 9 hours.....maybe TED will extend it because its a good idea.


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