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Does the violence men perpetrate against women indicate that men fear women?

The rage and hatred which perpetrates violence nearly always has a denied fear behind it. Denied fear of other easily converts into blaming rage at the other, which if the fear is strong enough may drive the rage into violent behavior. Is this the case concerning man's violence toward women?


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  • Aug 6 2012: What about the mention of violence that women perpetrate against men? Perpetrators of violence by proxy don't get nearly as much attention as victims who respond to proxy violence.

    This post is a form of proxy violence, although it is not physical, the statement attacks males and puts them in a defensive position, having to prove themselves innocent since the assertation attributes guilt. The statement also assumes that all males commit violence against females, when in reality it is an incredibly small number of males who engage in such behavior.

    According to DV statistics in the United States the amount of violence between the sexes is pretty even.

    Women are violent to men as well they just use a different method of action. The question you've posted is alarming proof of this.
    • Aug 6 2012: I am in no way implying that women are not as violent toward men as men are toward women

      "Does the violence men perpetrate against women indicate that men fear women?"

      My question is intended to explore how persons on this site understand male violence against women. I just had a thread shut down on me as I was debating the issue of female proxy violence toward men with a woman who seriously disagreed with me. It may still be up.

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      Plus Michelle Obamas plea for education for women. In anything, observe, notice, plan, action, evaluate, review. Think benefit/cost.
      I am a woman in a patriachal society. The more a woman shouts the more she is ignored by men who had mothers who shouted and made them feel bad about themselves. This is as true on a macro level as a micro level. Cultural reference in Ancient Greece the only way to stop the constant warring was to refuse sex. Men were close enough to their mothers and daughters not to want to see them raped. Women must be allowed free will as well as men or you lose a very important resource in women's knowledge and creativity.
      Closing Statement from elizabeth muncey
      I wish to apologise to everyone whoi found this conversation offensive and disrespectful. I appreciate the vocabulary I used did not effectively communicate the ideas I was trying to talk about., I will take this opportunity to think it through and reflect on how words can get in the way of what I am tryiing to say. Thank you again to everyone who contributed. It has given me a great deal to think about.

      Does the violence men perpetrate against women indicate that men fear women?

      I am over on the male side of the issue now. I do not think that it is practical to attempt address both sexes at the same time.

      This question is intended to support men in understanding themselves at a deeper emotional level than I witness in my exchanges with men. Cyber space is a wonderful domain for this.
      • Aug 6 2012: Your clarification has made the question much more clear.

        Q: Does the violence men perpetrate against women indicate that men fear women?

        Before I answer the question. Men are not a hivemind they are individuals who just happen to have a very similar biological construction. What influences behavior varies based on the male and his experiences interacting with his environment.

        A: Some men may perpetrate violence against women because they fear them since violence is usually a reaction to feeling inferior or slighted. However, I highly doubt that all men commit violence against women solely for this reason. Some men like James Holmes are just violent without any logical explanation.

        To address a few of your other points.

        Anyone who shouts at me is ignored until they are willing to talk in a more civil manner, whether its a man or woman does not make a difference.

        Also, the final sentence has a strong condescending tone to it. Men are perfectly capable of understanding themselves without "support" from an anonymous source. Your exchanges with men in your immediate surroundings have very little to do with all men.

        I hope I was able to adequately answer your questions

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