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What if extraterrestrial intelligence is avoiding contact with us?

The same way we are actively avoiding contact with the last isolated human communities in the Amazon (because of previous failures at reaching the cultural gap), I would like to consider the likelihood of, if life exists elsewhere, extraterrestrial intelligence is doing the same with us to prevent our own demise.

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    Mar 19 2011: Good for them! Maybe they will show up at our global funeral.
    We are fully capable to organize our own demise without their assistance.

    On a more serious tone, taking in account how roomy is this Universe, there is not difficult for them to avoid us.
    On this subject I recommend "Childhood's End" by Arthur C. Clarke.
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    Mar 30 2011: Ah, so, you think we're being observed. I don't think so. Unless, of course, we're all puppets on a string being played with in another universe. Just as likely as being observed.
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    Mar 21 2011: I think they're living in the ocean
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    Mar 19 2011: This is of course one of several explanations for the Fermi paradox, however if only a small number of other advanced civilizations capable of contacting us where to exist, also a very plausible one.
    History teaches us that every first contact with a much less advanced civilization - even between humans and even with good intentions - still had desastrous consequences for the less advanced. It could well be that the aliens are thinking the same.
    Perhaps however they are not even taking us too much into account, just like we are not interested in establishing contact to ant colonies.