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Why did it have to end? "Classroom farm at Bronx public high school, Green Bronx Machine, shut down despite fresh successes" -NY DailyNews

I was infact amazed by his talk, inspired by his talent to inspire people if you want so.
However there was something that had an even bigger impact on my mood. Which is the project being shut down, without explanation.
You can read this up by copy pasting the quote in my header into google.

My question is the WHY did it have to end?
WHO made it end?
Did it get too big?
Was it dangerous to someone?

and most importantly:

-Do we, the TED-Community who admires his talk and what Stephen Ritz does, we the 166000 thinkers and innovators, have the power to revive it?

Thanks for reading,

Now get it back!


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  • Aug 6 2012: It's too bad they shut it down, and I wish they would tell us why. This seemed to be a great project, but maybe they did have a good reason. I think teachers in other districts should fight back by starting programs like this at their schools. If he did it then they can too. Just think of how many lives he changed, and how many more could be changed if programs like this were started across the country and the world.

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