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Why did it have to end? "Classroom farm at Bronx public high school, Green Bronx Machine, shut down despite fresh successes" -NY DailyNews

I was infact amazed by his talk, inspired by his talent to inspire people if you want so.
However there was something that had an even bigger impact on my mood. Which is the project being shut down, without explanation.
You can read this up by copy pasting the quote in my header into google.

My question is the WHY did it have to end?
WHO made it end?
Did it get too big?
Was it dangerous to someone?

and most importantly:

-Do we, the TED-Community who admires his talk and what Stephen Ritz does, we the 166000 thinkers and innovators, have the power to revive it?

Thanks for reading,

Now get it back!

  • Aug 6 2012: From this article in Prevent Obesity, it seems that they're moving the program to Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation. However, I don't have multiple sources so I don't know for sure.
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    Aug 10 2012: They haven't shut down, they've relocated and expanded. From the interview posted below:

    "I read in the New York Daily News that the Green Bronx Machine program at Discovery High School has been shut down. What happened, and what’s next for the program?"

    Never underestimate the power of living wage and triple bottom line economics! Our program has now been relocated from Discovery High School to the Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation, not shut down. Simply put, we have too much momentum and too much interest. The results have been tremendous. The mantra behind Green Bronx Machine includes: “Coming to a City Near You Soon,” and indeed we are! We are expanding all across the Bronx and in Harlem and have made many national appearances and presentations. Ours is an easily replicable program and that is the beauty of it; it is a perennial success with rapid and demonstrable return on investment! Our goal is to have our reach exceed our grasp and to build coalition and collaboration across the nation, particularly around intergenerational programming. We’re getting ready to launch a highly interactive website and in the interim, you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
    • Aug 13 2012: Ooops! Did exactly what I'm regularly reminding others not to do ie didn't read the rest of the post before responding. Great to read your post Namu and great to hear that's it's growing and is strong! Yay!
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      Aug 14 2012: Well thanks for your reply its good to hear this, as it wasnt entirely clear from the article.

      Topic ends here then ^^
  • Aug 13 2012: Great comment and what an inspirational man, story, community, and program. There are so many of these stories happening all around the world and they all have multiples positive impacts.
    They create community (whether that was their purpose or not), they minimise, reduce, or eliminate violence, they inspire and motivate, they give reason for life and being, they reconnect communities (lots of individuals) with nature and their core essence, they create positive and unprocessed food sources, they promote dreams and belief.
    To shut down and remove these programs threatens the truth of mankind and humanity. More importantly, it negates, ignores, and removes the power of pure food in such situations to connect the people and the creations of local and global communities.
    Such actions and decisions are at some stage the potential catalyst for modern revolutions.
    The people are wanting (and demanding) to be heard.
    Violence, however, cannot successfully be met with violence for a positive outcome.
    Love will conquer in these cases and that is what we can all intuitively, consiously, and subconsciously create.
    Here's to green communities and connections.
    Let's get the Green Bronx Machine revived and replicated on a global scale.
    It's one small step for mankind, humanity, and the universe!
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    Aug 6 2012: This is America... There is no room for innovation in this economy : p

    Actually, I loved his talk... but, in the back of my mind... I thought to myself, child labor is gonna get him. I'm assuming that's how they got him. I also bet there is a corporation with a plan to take his idea, but with adult only laborers, and they are the ones who paid an expensive lawyer to file a complaint. Pure speculation of course.
  • Aug 6 2012: It's too bad they shut it down, and I wish they would tell us why. This seemed to be a great project, but maybe they did have a good reason. I think teachers in other districts should fight back by starting programs like this at their schools. If he did it then they can too. Just think of how many lives he changed, and how many more could be changed if programs like this were started across the country and the world.
  • Aug 5 2012: Thanks for following it! Has somebody dropped an emai to the people involved? It's defenitely something to digg out.
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      Aug 5 2012: Do you know the e-mail addresses or the contacts for whoever was in charge of taking it down?
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    Aug 5 2012: Monsanto, or alikes?
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    Aug 5 2012: Here's the article:

    I am very confused as to why the thing was shut down. It seemed to do more good than bad, why would they shut the program down completely?

    Maybe it was health concerns? Or maybe they wrote it off as vandalism? I dunno, we need more info on the other side of the story...