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Are we heading to an inevitable end? (Hopefully not)

Imagine a small robot designed to pick up a can with a claw, and on it, a chip. This chip has a program, completely based in numbers, there are no words to describe the can, or how you would pick it up, instead, these numbers represent the concept of action, or "picking up the can".

What concepts can we draw from the mathematical patterns in the world?

Imagine the Earth as the robot, and we(humans) are the can. We are picked up, then put down. Picked up, then put down.

We are but a can, but we see a pattern here, that we are being picked up. As time goes on, we now know that we are being picked up 5 inches every time, and at a speed of 30 ft per minute, and for a duration of 10 seconds at each interval.

As time goes on, this poor machine has been affected by the can, as the soda seems to mist when it raises and falls, the can slowly changes weight, the lifting mechanism becomes slightly sticky, and thus the patterns we collect begin to shift over time.

We are but a can, knowing that something is changing, but what. The concept of the arm was lost to us initially and so we knew not what to make of the changes, just that there WERE changes.

We recorded numbers, plotted patterns, and tried to determine where, when, and how to prepare for the changing raising and lowering of the can, but still never got around to discovering the initial task of the arm.

The can assumed that because it was being picked up, it was of the utmost importance, and the arm must be there to benefit it.

Unknown to the can is that the arm has a job to do, a concept it must continue, pick up, put down, and it will do that forever, or until it destroys itself, with or without the can changing the variables.

Unfortunately for the arm, the can knew not that its' purpose was to keep, forever up & down, in harmony.

The can sees only numbers, and an increasingly morbid future for the can-ites, as the numbers get worse, but the concept stays the same, until one day...
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    Aug 6 2012: The end's coming in so many ways it's hilarious, but most of them won't happen for a very long time.
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    Aug 5 2012: To the cans horror, the rust and weight displacement over time caused the arm slam the can down, spilling soda everywhere, and removing the can from its’ grasp.

    The can didn’t know what to think, it had been destroyed, but by what?
    It unknowingly brought around its own destruction, but why?

    It was simply the inevitability of the unknown variables by the man who thought “I’ll pick up that can,” and started writing his program.

    I (let me reiterate, I, as in similar to “eye” but with a different concept, personalized to MY opinion) think we are the can. The Earth is just constantly doing the same thing it always has, but it has new variables to deal with that it could have never imagined, and that perfect “pick up, put down” system is being disturbed. It’s like hitting a wall, having someone put a nail on the wall, and still hitting it. Same action, new, and much worse, results.

    We see the patterns, and we see the effects we are having on the patterns, but we still lack the initial purpose of the Earth(robot arm).

    Fortunately for us, we’re not a can, and have conscious thought, which means we have the possibility to avoid that final ultimatum, reverse the damage, clean that arm up a little, and make sure it never slams our soda all over the floor.

    Thank you for your time, all for theoretical personal opinions only!!! SPREAD THE LOVE :D