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Faulty question. Not sure how to remove. But input your ideas if you want, "why?" is about as broad as they get. Generalize to the best of your abilities, and you can see how wide spread your thoughts really are depending on the first "Why..?" that comes to your head.

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    Aug 5 2012: I did not see your earlier conversation, but you have two avenues for finding a reliable answer to your question. One is to look at the terms of use of the site.As the ideas of happiness and kindness are discussed often on TED, you know your addressing these subjects cannot be why your thread was deleted. So look in the terms of use for other aspects of your thread that were at odds with the terms of use.

    The second avenue you have is to click "contact" at the bottom of the page and ask for clarification directly from TED administrators. People who participate in TED discussions but did not see your deleted thread will not be able to tell you where you violated the terms of use.
  • Aug 6 2012: When philosophising, or plotting some anachrony, I sometimes prefer, "Why not?" (Other times I prefer "Dust, wind, dude.")

    I often wonder who or how or why in ancient times did the inventors of mind via language decide that all the words "who, how, why, etc." all (most) start with the same "wh"-sound - as if it came from an incredulity of another's reasoning - as if faulty-reason were blame-worthy. [edit: I also wonder what other "question" word we humans are missing!]
    (Best question so far, btw.!)
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    Aug 5 2012: Best and shortest question ever invented to gain first and further knowledge and understanding!
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    Aug 5 2012: Sometimes it has to do with the amount of traffic or interest it generates, I think.
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    Aug 5 2012: Thank you for your comment, I had only scanned the top part of the site for terms of use. Apparently this website only deals in the physically possible, i thought this was to spread and discuss theories. Disappointed.
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      Aug 5 2012: Along the lines of your idea of the value of choosing a positive attitude in life, could you choose to be happy with the huge range of ideas in the TED talks and within the scope of TED conversations and recognize that there are other places on the internet where you can take your other ideas and work that are the focus of those other sites? For example, I have some friends who are artists and share their work and techniques that have succeeded for them or surprised them. They discuss those on wonderful forums devoted to those sorts of projects and ideas rather than being disappointed that that is not what TED is.
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        Aug 5 2012: How very right you are. Thank you, I am still learning to think properly in accord to the lifestyle I want. And TED has more ideas to choose from than the best of the best, and I appreciate the service, and apologize for the misuse.