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Talks can be downloaded. Change the titles from "NeilHarbisson_2012G-480p.mp4" to "Neil Harbisson: I listen to color_2012G-480p.mp4"

I download most of the talks. It is far easier to look up the right talk later if the title is descriptive.

Another option would be to add the upload date (at the start ex:2012-07-30, for easy automatic ordering).

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    Aug 5 2012: I think this is a good idea. It wouldn't be a hard feature to implement or anything either. I don't see why we shouldn't be able to download these videos. It'll be nice to watch a bunch when you're in offline mode like on an airplane or in a car ride or something.
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      Aug 5 2012: Hi James,

      Talks can be downloaded already :) via the "download" link below every video.

      When you download the video, it gets a title like "NeilHarbisson_2012G-480p.mp4" my suggestion is to change this to "Neil Harbisson: I listen to color_2012G-480p.mp4", for example.

      Building on your suggestion, it would be nice, but difficult to achieve and not used by many people probably, to put an extra checkbox next to every talk in the online spreadsheet:

      (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsKzpC8gYBmTcGpHbFlILThBSzhmZkRhNm8yYllsWGc&hl=en#gid=0 )

      Allowing you to check the talks you would like to download (for offline viewing).
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        Aug 5 2012: Good God, I had no idea such a massive spreadsheet existed, but thx for sharing :)

        lol I guess I never noticed the "download" button. As for naming convention, I think that is an easy fix as well. For every new video, it would just simply have 2 names. The first name, "NeilHarbisson_2012G-480p.mp4" is much easier name for programmatic reasons. However, "Neil Harbisson: I listen to color_2012G-480p.mp4" makes much more sense to us. So when downloading, just simply have the code rename the movie file to second name for us.

        It's not horribly difficult to achieve, but it may take time, to implement that checkbox feature for mass downloading. It would just need a user interface with all the videos, and you go check the ones you want to download at once.

        I'm no Linux expert, but I believe there was a terminal command called wget that lets you download certain content from http or ftp connections, though you might need the credentials I would think...