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Coming up with Human Resource Balance Sheet for the Organisation in measuring PEOPLE's Value to the Organisation

If Accounts can have their own Balance Sheet in measuring the value of Money, why can't HR have their own balance sheet in measuring the value of the People.

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    Aug 5 2012: Good idea! This calculated and individual value could then be transferred onto RFID chips which we all would have injected irremovable underneath our skin.

    By this, any company gate would prompt our data in the morning and would update our valuable performance of that day on our way home.

    A simple computer program could then run a view statistical algorithms and evaluation equations to automatically lock out all of us parasitic underperformer and to share our status across the globe.

    For the sake of humanity it was also possible to install an auto mailing notification system to send out a few warnings to those employees which current value points were dropping below expectation settings.

    Such a system was also able to economize the number of staff member of the human resources department, which could either increase the overall 'value' of the remaining staff, or just increase the overall profit.

    The whole system itself was finally improved to perfection at that very day as we were able to abolish the last human out of it. Progress in artificial intelligence and autonomous robots seem quite promising on behalf of this social progression ...
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    Aug 5 2012: That kind of discussions are already there to some extent implemented as well

    It can be balaced score card as well
    • Aug 5 2012: Thank you Salim. But what I would like to see is an accounting format break out for the cost of Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Training and Development, cost of talents inventory(probably can be termed as assets) etc... in the format of people's financial statement that reflects the assets and liability components of the respective organisation's human resource value. At one glance, when we looks at this 'people's ledger', we should know that whether we have a strong or poor pool of people in the organisation. I think, Manufacturing accounts can best describes this people's 'balance sheet'.