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The people who says life is meaningless is right.The life is a big minus. - and we are just a stick.All we have to do is making a big plus!+

The life is exactly what we really want to be. There is no one reality. There are lots of paralell universes in the world.Ideas in our brain are as real as what we see. Because there are lots of thing (even more than expect) that we can't see. The only thing that we can do is falling in the middle of the minus and see with your imagination. Let's see and really live with rhapsody from now!

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    Aug 5 2012: We dont have absolute control of life and circumstances; but there are some things we can control.

    Life will throw some hard punches at us.
    Sometimes it may seem meaningless. But we have a choice of either making use of the little power we have, or becoming entirely powerless by surrendering our limited freedom.
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    Aug 5 2012: Are they?
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    Aug 4 2012: Define rhapsody. As long as we have our own power of will, there is always going to be good and evil. There is poverty and wealth. - and +. Majority of people have sense of living in a breathing and living organism called community and in my opinion finding the meaning is the first step to finding that all of us contribute somehow. Only condition to this life should be not disrupting others in their path. And in the end, all religions agree to this one. You don't have to believe the stories behind religion but hear the idea. They give you reason to continue looking for the meaning promising you that if you don't do bad to others you will be rewarded. Talking about global well being is very distant reality and we need to get started in our own backyards if we want to get somewhere in the bigger perspective.