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What if every student could collect all the information she/he needs from different sources and create own "textbook"?

Imagine an App, where you collect the information from all the sources just in one place. For example, you are preparing for the exam, or working on a project. while you are reading a ebook, you can highlight a few sentences that you think important and they will be automatically sent to that App. Then you found an interesting idea in an article, and you also can put it in your text book easily. More over, slides, videos, podcasts can be collected there as well. And when you are done, you open your personal textbook, and you can make notes, change the content as you like. And sure, if you want, you can share the textbook with your mates. It will has a very user-friendy intuitive interface, and will make the process all studying more efficient. What do you think?

  • Aug 11 2012: an ideal app - I'd like to have, but it ignores the current barriers
    created by copyright holders and interlectual property (access fees, DRM, proprietary file formats...)

    many academics require you to provide fully referenced answers or essays
    which is hard to do if you use mashed-up information to prepare or learn

    although I understand the resoning behind professional referencing,
    it does create a burden (a tracking app might be helpful here)
    especially when you try to think creatively...
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    Aug 5 2012: Good idea. Well done to those who have worked on this, or are working on it.
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    Aug 4 2012: I use Microsoft Onenote for all my notes. As for all the textbooks themselves, there should stuff like iBooks or GooglePlay.

    As for notes you're trying to use before an exam from study groups, Google Docs are beast!

    So for me, Microsoft OneNote and Google Docs. I can't really take notes with tablets, because laptops are much more effective atm.
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    Aug 4 2012: I can't comment on the app specifically, but are there not already systems like this that allow you to gather research and notes all in one place electronically?
    • Aug 4 2012: You're right that there are many programs that help to organise information. But no one allows taking and working with only a part of the source. And I was thinking about a customised app, which aims specifically atr students.
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        Aug 4 2012: What does Evernote do that is different from what you describe? I know lots of creative entrepreneurs who use it.